Winter Bucket List: Yurt Camping

You know you are a planner when you cross off yet another winter bucket list item and it’s only January!

Yurt camping near Mt. Tremblant QC was AMMMAAAZZING!

Mike and I got the idea to add this to the list while driving up to Deerhurst for Christmas. I immediately jumped on the phone with Gatineau & Algonquin Park to see if their yurts were available this winter season and both parks had completely booked up. My understanding is that accommodations open up November 1 and we would’ve had to booked right on that day to snag a yurt in either park. Luckily for us, Mike is a quick thinker and suggested we look on Airbnb. The next trick was finding one that was dog-friendly so we could bring our kids. One search and 5 minutes later, I had booked the Mongolian Yurt at Terra Perma the last weekend in January.

It was a 2-hour drive from Ottawa. We left on Friday afternoon after I finished work and arrived around 7:30 pm. Because we were in a yurt, are undergoing an entire house renovation & living with my parents we were a tad unprepared for even this glamping adventure. Our camping gear is somewhere in the basement and we didn’t even think to pack it. We even forgot our headlamps (please note there is no electricity in this yurt other than 1 light bulb running off a battery) but thankfully discovered we had brought our hats with built in lamps. The owners of Terra Perma also lent us a flashlight and a headlamp on the first night since we thought we had forgotten them. They showed us to our campsite, pointed out the sled we could use to bring our things from the car to the yurt and showed Mike how to use the wood stove inside. They let us be the entire time we were there so if you are looking for privacy you can definitely find that here. I definitely wanted to get to know them better and talk about the entire place. I’m fascinated with the concept of Terra Perma and all the different properties available on their location to rent.

This place was so cozy, rustic and comfortable. They provided you with potable water and firewood. We had the woodstove going the whole time and it kept us really warm all day & night. There were times that the yurt got too hot and we had to open the door a bit. It can comfortably sleep 4. There is a queen bed & 2 day beds. The dogs had floor or carpet to sleep on so they were in heaven.

Saturday we went exploring. First, into town to grab a coffee as we had forgotten to pack grinds or instant. We felt like such rookies. Then, we grabbed our new snowshoes and headed out on some of the trails on the property. The dogs absolutely loved it. We’ve discovered that Rogue gets a little scared when seeing anyone that is new to her and greeted other people staying on the property with lots of barks. Mike thinks comforting her means biting her ear 🙂 Just kidding.

Havoc absolutely loved being up there and would’ve stayed outside the whole time if we let him. His husky side definitely shows in the winter.

There was a one-burner cooktop inside the yurt so we made breakfast (peameal bacon & eggs) on it. We had picked up salads from Farm Boy for lunches but grabbed some ingredients for a fresh dinner and cooked up some chicken sausages & portobello mushrooms over the open flame out back. There was a huge outdoor cooking area with a propane cooktop so we could’ve easily cooked on that as well. I definitely want to come back here more prepared and in the summer as well.

Have you ever “camped” in a yurt? Was it this cozy? I felt like this was the 5-star glamping experience of all yurts.

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