Yoga Attic Review

I found heaven on earth in the Ottawa area. Here is my Yoga Attic review of the most beautiful yoga space.

I started seeing posts on Instagram of this beautiful yoga space in Greely, Ontario just outside of Ottawa. I wanted to experience this space immediately.

So I signed up for a Tuesday evening class I attended mid-January. I borrowed this photo from the teacher, Tesia Bryski who led us through an amazing flow class! Doesn’t it just look so cozy!?


You don’t have to worry about bringing your own mat as they have mats laid out for everyone, including bolsters, blankets, blocks, and even eye pillows for Shavasana. The class I attended was inspired by the elements and also was probably the most friendliest class I’ve ever attended with everyone saying hi to each other before class and introducing themselves. Most were local and shocked I would drive 20 mins from my house to attend.

But one evening class wasn’t enough for me, I really wanted to meet, the owner, Tina so I signed up for Yoga & Brunch which I attended last Saturday and it was everything I was looking for and more.

We started with a class in the attic. Still super cozy feeling in the daylight.

alt="Yoga Attic"

Tina, was prepping a few last minute items so I made myself a tea upstairs and just sat in silence while listening to conversations around me. A group of friends came together, a couple and a frienship duo. I was the only solo attendee but didn’t feel like an outsider. Tina asks you to introduce yourself and we did with our name and something we like or don’t like. I share that I like that I’m off to Bali on Tuesday but don’t like leaving my family (still able to keep it positive).

alt="Yoga Attic"

After class we made our way downstairs for a scrumptious brunch and we filled our plate with vegetarian deliciousness. Tina had cooked without gluten, dairy or nightshade vegetables to accommodate me! I filled my plate and even went back for more quiche! The conversation around the dining table was amazing.


I didn’t snap a shot of our brunch table as I wanted to stay present in the moment but borrowed this photo from their Instagram to show you what it’s like to attend a brunch there.

alt="Yoga Attic Brunch"

My heart is so happy and full and I can’t wait to return to more classes in March when I get back from my YTT in Bali.

If you’re in the Ottawa area. Book yourself into one of the many classes or retreats. I know I can promise you it’ll be amazing.

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