Workplay Bag Product Review

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for a review

I may giggle at the name of this bag but the Goddess III definitely takes me from work to play easily, fashionably and in such an organized fashion. I’ve tried so many different gym bags over the years including having a rolling suitcase in Toronto to save my shoulder from pain. I’m thankfully now in Ottawa and no longer taking public transportation so I can easily throw a shoulder bag in the car to go to work and the gym.

Workplay Bag

I’m not going to lie. I was really excited when an email landed in my inbox from Work Play Bags. Based in the UK, the idea for Workplay bags came from the Founder and Designer Guy Mathiot who has years of experience of designing sports fashion clothing and bags for major brands like Puma, Asics and Berghaus.

Back in the 1990’s he found that most sports brands thought that making a “woman’s sports bag” just meant making it in pink with a few ditsy ‘fashion details’! So he set out to make practical & stylish bags that are suitable for female work, sport, fitness and travel. Guy decided to launch the bags direct to the public online. The company launched in March 2010 and have since won awards for their designs, and now sell worldwide to discerning women who seek bags that are designed with their busy life in mind.

I’ve been test driving the Goddess III Purple Sports & Travel Bag for a few months now. I wanted to make sure I’ve had ample use of it before posting a review. After moving to Ottawa I’m less of a bag lady as the gym is super close to our house and I’m showering and getting ready at home but I’m still using the bag for evening workout or yoga sessions where I travel from home to work to my place of fitness.

Here are some images of everything I can fit inside it.

  1. My Laptop
  2. A Lunchbox w/ 2 Tupperwares & a Glass Mason Jar with my Overnight Oats Breakfast

Inside The Bag

3. Yoga Clothes & Towel

Inside Goddess III

The compartments in the side can carry a full toiletry bag for showering and the other side can fit a pair of shoes. I love the laundry bag for my wet clothes post yoga or the wet pocket that keeps them from touching my other things. The small zip pocket near the top is perfect for throwing necklaces or rings in and I have yet to lose my trinkets somewhere at the bottom of the bag. There are so many components to this bag it would make this blog post too long to describe them all.

Watch this video for a full explanation of all the compartments.

I may work out at a male dominated gym in Ottawa now but my lovely purple bag keeps me a bit girly girl in the sea of testosterone.

Workplay at OCR Academy

Happy Shopping!

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