Work / Life Balance to Work / Life Harmony

I call myself a work/life harmony strategist. I have a podcast about work/life harmony. I interview other amazing Alpha Females to find out about how they let work and life flow together. However, I’ve never really shared what I believe is the difference between balance vs. harmony. I’ve never really explained here on the blog why I changed my definition from balance to harmony in late 2015. So here goes nothing 🙂

Ok, so first let’s look at the definition of balance


Take note of words like an even distribution of weight. In the past, I functioned with the notion that work and life hours had to have an even distribution of time assigned to them. Now take note of the words “elements are equal or in correct proportions”. No wonder we’ve struggled with trying to ensure we have equal amounts of work and lifetime in one day. I work 8 hours a day at my full-time job. If I wake up at 5 am and leave my house by 8 am then that gives me 2 hours of working on my side hustles or going to the gym and an hour to get ready and then I leave the office around 5 pm and get an evening workout in or continue to work on my side hustles or spend time with friends, the boyfriend or family so that gives me another 4 hours in the evening of life or side hustle work. It’s not exactly 8 hours a day that I assign to “life”.

So now let’s look at the definition of harmony for more inspiration…


When I think of harmony in accordance with music I think about how all elements, notes, tones, voices, and instruments work together to have a “pleasing effect”. It’s in agreement. There is cooperation and understanding and unity. When I think of how work and life flow together and I think of harmony it resonates so much stronger with me. When I think of balancing the two together I always feel like a juggler about to drop a ball at any given moment. What if I have to work late? What if I’m up at the crack of dawn working for 2 hours on my side hustle and for 2 hours when I come home? What if I take the entire weekend to run an obstacle course, plan a camping adventure or trail run with my boyfriend and dog. Is that balance? No that’s just my life flowing as I wish and how I want because it brings me pleasure or a pleasing effect!

Now according to Wikipedia…

Work Life Balance

Ok now here is the reason why work/life harmony truly resonates with me…

Work / Life Harmony

In my definition of being an Alpha Female (found on the My Story), I chose to use the words “She wants a perfect work/life balance but knows that it requires being true to your priorities and what makes you happy.”

Are your priorities to grow your career and spend long days in the office? Then do you.

Are your priorities to grow a family and be home for every soccer game and family dinner? Then do you.

Are your priorities to work a full day but ensure you have time for fitness & friends in the morning or evening? Then do you.

The beauty of work/life harmony is that you get to create the life you love. It’s about using the words life design or life engineering. It’s about recognizing what season of life you’re in. It’s about truly understanding your priorities and being true to them. Unapologetically with a steadfast and confident spirit.

The only portion of work/life harmony that I believe is integral to a full life is the part of my Alpha Female definition where I say: “She strives for a happy and healthy work/life harmony.” If you are happy and healthy then you can do whatever you want with your life. If your work or your life doesn’t make you happy there will be no harmony. If you are dealing with constant health problems, worn down and exhausted you cannot be your highest self. And this is the basis for why I’m curating conversations on my podcast about how others find their happy and healthy in daily life while being epically ambitious.

Have you discovered the Alpha Female podcast yet?

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Now go out and create your work/life harmony!

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