6 Winter Skin Care Routines

This winter has been a doozy. From – 40 C cold fronts to random +10 C and rainy to flash freezes and snow dumps. My skin doesn’t really know what to think. Here are six routines I’ve been using to my skin well hydrated and moisturized.

alt="6 Winter Skin Care Routines"

1. Once a Week Mud Mask

Most evenings you can find me in the bathtub with a cup of Epsom Salts and different essential oils. Right now I’m loving Marjoram & Siberian Fir for sore muscles. During my Sunday evening Epsom Salt bath, I find it’s the perfect time to throw on a mud mask. I use the dōTERRA Spa Detoxifying Mud Mask which just lives in my bathtub/shower caddy.

2. Daily Morning Face Moisturizer with Myrrh Essential Oil

I use the new hydrating cream from the dōTERRA Essential Skin Care Line and add one drop of Myrrh Essential Oil or Yarrow|POM an Active Botanical Nutritive Duo. I had been using only Frankincense in my face moisturizer but I find Myrrh & Yarrow|POM have been working really well with the sensitive skin on my nose.

3. Daily Body Moisturizer with Frankincense Essential Oil

From a body skincare perspective, I keep the Hand & Body Lotion on my bathroom counter with a bottle of Frankincense Essential Oil and add 1 – 2 drops to dollops of the lotion to slater on the rest of my skin after hopping out of the shower in the morning.

4. Daily Evening Face Moisturizer with Blue Tansy Essential Oil

During the past 2 winters (2018 & 2019) I’ve been dealing with small blemishes on my nose. In the evening, I put one drop of Blue Tansy Essential Oil or Yarrow|POM also from the Chamomile family in my nightly evening moisturizer application and it’s been extremely soothing. I use them at night as it does turn my skin a slight blue hue for a few minutes before disappearing. The pups actually really love the smell of this one and Rogue usually attempts to lick my face before bed when I use it.

5. Use A Gentle Cleanser

I currently use the Verage Cleanser in the shower in the morning or the new Facial Cleanser is by the sink for days I wash my face in the sink or at the end of the day.

6. Hydration

I’m currently drinking 2 – 3 L of water a day. I have 1 bottle during my morning workout or morning routine and then 2 during my work day at my desk. Sometimes I’m up to 4 L a day which used to be my norm. On days I work from home I fill 3 bottles in the morning and then know how many I’ve drunk throughout the day.

I want to hear about your skin routine! What are you doing to survive the winter?

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