2015 Winter Bucket List Update

Winter was slow to start in Toronto this year. December was weirdly warm here and we only really started getting snow at the beginning of January. I was a little scared I wouldn’t be able to complete many of the Winter Bucket List items but I started trucking along over the past two months and have got a few checked off the list.

Winter Bucket List

I started out New Year’s Day boarding! I bought gear this year so although I have skiing on the list that won’t happen as I want to make the most of the equipment I purchased.


Last year I went skating down at Harbourfront so this year I stepped it up a notch with skating on a lake in the Kawarthas & on the canal in Ottawa!

Lake Skating
Skating on the Canal

I can’t go home to Ottawa without going to Le Nordik in Chelsea QC and this year I was able to go in the afternoon after racing Polar Hero & stayed into the evening! Double check in one day!

Polar Hero
Le Nordik

And finally, I just got back from a winter cottage weekend up near Parry Sound. This place was a true winter cottage, complete with heating via wood stove & an outhouse 🙂 I was able to go snowmobiling for a few hours on Saturday which technically wasn’t on my winter bucket list but I’m so ok adding it. Snowmobiling terrifies me just as much as riding on the back of a motorcycle but I still love it. I bundled up in many many layers and held onto my friend for dear life as we shredded trail 🙂


We hiked up a hill (which seemed like a mountain in waist-deep snow) and this was my reaction to getting to the top!


I just registered for a snowshoe race next weekend and am going to try and go Ice Fishing in March! Dog sledding may prove the hardest to execute…

How do you make the most of winter?

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