Why did I become a media planner?

I have been on a blogging hiatus. We could chalk it up to writer’s block or lack of creativity or busy time period at work. But I’m back. Pondering why did I choose the career path I have taken so far.

I graduated from University with the I’m going to rule the business world mentality. I’m still working on it but slightly milder and meek in my approach to learning and climbing the corporate ladder. I’m listening and watching and truly hungry to learn.

When I started out in the summer of 2005 after having turned down a great paying opportunity and going through interview after interview I was getting frustrated. I hadn’t really thought about my future after 4th year as I had been so involved extracurricularly that I could barely think straight. When my first company decided to take me on as their sole sales rep I jumped at the chance and the opportunity. I learn how to be savvy, read people, get out of my shell and go for the things I really want. I was meeting with media planners and they had the ball in their court. So pretty much I just told myself “you need to become a media planner”. They hold all the cards. Yes I’m a naive little thing.

I love my days. I love the juggling. I love the people interaction. Internal meetings, client meetings, and working with creative agencies. I love working with the numbers. Yes I may be running a high fever. But when the numbers work out and I can plan a campaign that matches the budget and accomplishes the media objectives it’s my tiny little triumph for the day. It’s the feeling that makes me get up and go back into the office every day. I love the challenge of new media. I like reading about new campaigns and new uses of technology to engage consumers.

So after making the leap and joining the ranks of media planner, strategists or just plain old planners I’m yet again faced with who really has the reigns. Do marketing departments have the top hat? And if so why do they hold their cards so close to their chest instead of truly trusting their partners to have their best interests in mind?

Company sales are our goals too. Trust us and involve us in your business. Please and Thank You.

[I now work for a full service agencies where the client holds out the entire deck of cards!]

One thought on “Why did I become a media planner?

  1. Reading this reminds me of my old room mate. That guy was one of the smartest individuals I know, but he was a little too original for my tastes though. Anyways I loved reading this, thanks. Will give me something to discuss when I see him.

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