What They Don’t Tell You About An Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

This is my first Yoga Teacher Training. My understanding is that they are not all the same but I do wonder if you’ll see similarities in this post if you’ve attended an international intensive one yourself. And in case you’re reading this before attending one, have the most amazing time!!

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  • Your butt will be sore. If you get to sit on something other than the floor, your mat or blocks you are LUCKY!
  • If the Bhagavad Gita is required reading, and you buy the Easwaran version. Skip the introduction, thank me later.
  • Bring lots of pens, you’ll run out if you only bring one.
  • Bring a journal and a notebook. You’ll want a journal for musings in the morning or evenings or after meditation and you’ll want a different notebook for the class portion.
  • You will be nervous as you start to teach. If you have great teacher trainers they’ll start you out slow and build you up to the practicum so you gain confidence throughout your time!
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These next ones are applicable if you choose to do your YTT in a warm climate. I attended the In Alignment YTT led by Jenna Switzer and Aleysha Derkson in Bali so I’m pulling tidbits from my time there!

  • Be prepared to be surrounded by wildlife. A day didn’t go by in Bali without an animal or insect adventure.
  • You can literally not wear shoes for the entire time (warning you may get bitten by walking through ant swarms)
  • If you’re in a 2nd world country, be prepared to throw your toilet paper in the garbage and not the toilet 🙂
  • If you’re a coffee fanatic bring your own coffee and way to make it. While we had Bali coffee everyday it just wasn’t the same as coffee from home.
  • You’ll always be sweaty unless you’re in your room with the air conditioning on.
  • Don’t bring makeup. You won’t wear it and your skin will be super happy to have the break.
  • Your mat will always be dirty. Get used to it!
  • You’ll learn to eat meals efficiently so you can spend more time in the sun or in the pool before the next session!
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If you’ve done your YTT what else would you add to the list!?

Stay tuned for Thursday’s post on what I learned about myself during my YTT!

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