What Do Alpha Females Want

It’s been an amazing year launching the Alpha Female podcast and learning what Alpha Females want in their lives. I have loved sitting down with so many different Alphas to find out what they are passionate about, how they see themselves as Alpha Females, how they take care of themselves, what work/life harmony means to them and what makes them happy.

I’ve learned so many amazing things from 49 different Alpha Females and wanted to share  some tidbits that have stuck with me over the year with you.

So What Do Alpha Females Want in Life?

  • They crave stillness and rest
  • After years of pushing it and trying to be more epic in their fitness routine they are learning to slow down and have movement in their life that feels good
  • They are unapologetic about who they are and are striving to explain themselves to others in a clear way
  • The majority of them start their day with warm water and lemon juice 🙂
  • They are learning to prioritize fun
  • They have a really good handle on not feeling selfish for putting themselves first
  • Self-care should not be extra work, it should flow seamlessly into our lives
  • Alpha Females are in alignment with who they are an are blazing a trail
  • Alpha Females are the brightest stars in their constellations
  • They schedule everything, for some it’s the only way things get done
  • They have a focus on oral health! We discussed oil pulling and flossing with a few of the guests 😉
  • They say no to things that don’t serve their greatest good
  • They over-function for others instead of taking the time to properly train and delegate
  • They struggle with patience, they want everything right now 🙂
  • They struggle with anxiety and have different methods of managing it from meditation to yoga to gratitude practices
  • They are learning to be super clear with who they are, announce it to the world and then stick to their priorities to go after their dreams and goals!
  • They are super fun to chat with and have made my life better just simply for sitting down and connecting with them.

Check out the episode for more tidbits of wisdom…

We’ll be back in 2017 with more Alpha Females! See you in January!

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