Week 6: May Cause Miracles

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The last and final week of reading May Cause Miracles was a great journey. The focus in week 6 was all about working miracles into our lives. What really spoke to me while reading this book was the concept, engrained each week to choose love over fear. Or to use love to right-mind the perception of our fears. This week we are asked to heal our mind, continually learn how to witness and surrender fear blocks, trust our path and choose love to change the pattern of our world. The below quote also sets up our minds for becoming miracle workers in the world for others as well through our journey.

“If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” – Aung San Suu Kyi

On Day 36, our affirmation is to continuously shift from fear to love. Throughout this journey, ever day one of the week was spent witnessing fear. Having it boil up to the surface makes it more real vs. just bubbling underneath. When I learned to witness my fear I did feel it showing up a bit too often in my mind throughout the May Cause Miracles journey. The below affirmation will be key for me to continually push away fear and just focus on love.

The background image comes from my most recent trip to Mexico on my 2nd annual Transformation retreat. Going to the ocean, being by the water and taking deep breaths is very cathartic and representative of me learning to practice daily affirmations of love.


On Day 37, I was reminded of my faith in God and that he has a higher plan than I do for myself. I have to remember to surrender and not try to force my plans when they aren’t the right ones for me. It’s a challenge for an A type personality to say Universe, God take care of me. It’s not about lying around being lazy and hoping God will take care of me but it’s more so being calm and peaceful in the knowledge that my journey is designed for me and I don’t need to force things into my life but can move through life with ease and divine guidance.

The background image is of the gorgeous eucalyptus trees in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia. The trees are majestic and representative of God’s nature power to me. 20140409-124054.jpg

On Day 38, we learned how to shift from me to we. Shifting your attention from your inner turmoil to the service of others is a great way to walk away from your fears and focus on the good you can do in the world around you. I will always be there for others when they need me because I would always ask for the same in return.

The background image is from a cottage weekend last summer. This was a boat ride I took right before leaving to rush to one of my friend’s sides. She didn’t ask for me but I knew I had to be there with her as she went through a trying time.


On Day 39, the gratitude of all grateful lessons. This day we wrapped up all 6 weeks of being grateful into one and my heart was warm with happy gratitude. Nothing earth shattering happened just happiness.

The background image was from another cottage weekend last summer on the shores of Lake Huron. Water makes me so calm and happy so that’s why it’s in so many of my images 🙂


On Day 40, I rounded out this week’s work with forgiveness for every false projection I’ve created and the attack thoughts I’ve listen to created by my ego. I still need to do the evening exercise. Gabby asks her readers to write a forgiveness letter to a person or an organization we’ve been resenting. So I need to put this on the to do list and get on it.

The background image was taken on a run I did down by the Toronto waterfront last fall. Water again. Nuff said.


On Day 41, although self love, self development is very focused on the self, when you change yourself you can be a better instrument for change in the world. I’ve never thought of myself as a miracle worker and to use the words seems cheesy and hokey but that’s ok. I see myself as an alpha female and I love receiving emails, fb messages, twitter direct messages that tell me I inspire or motivate someone. So if that is my mission as a miracle worker, I accept. I am here to be truly helpful.

The background image is from my trip to Turks & Caicos with my mother in Sept of 2012. Who knew that in the midst of my pain and hurt I would start a journey that could be truly helpful to others.

20140409-124128.jpgThe best part about this day was reading about how to increase my overall love energy. How can I bring more fun into the world? Fun & love breed more fun & love. It’s an easy equation and I love incorporating it into my life. I’ve been doing that for the past two years and I can’t wait to continue my happiness miracle creating journey.

Without a smile, the world cannot be saved. – A Course In Miracles

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