Week 5: May Cause Miracles

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Week 5 had us looking at our self-worth and how it can affect our net worth. I have always thought about financial thoughts separately from self development but it makes sense to start associating both within the same realm. When I started on my fitness and health journey I became more productive at the office and my career took off so it can only be a positive impact now to look at my self-worth and financial worth to see new potential.

“If you dwell within abundance you will have abundance.” – Marianne Williamson

On Day 29, the first day of the week we always focus on witnessing our fears, so today was financial fears. On this day I choose to be thankful for all the financial blessings that I do have so that my ego doesn’t think I’m completely lacking but I did start to think about how I have limited myself with a lack mentality. As I went through the morning affirmation exercise I had a couple of financial fears come up. I usually avoid paying bills up until the last minute. I’m a type A personality but I don’t like letting go of money even though I’m blessed to have enough to live comfortably. I didn’t judge why this happens just let myself think about it. I also started thinking about how I earn money outside of my career. Sometimes I don’t think I’m worthy of creating information based products or fitness based products because my career is first and foremost in Marketing. I let myself witness that and know that I’m slowly moving to a thought process on how I can truly grow my personal brand “business” and not be embarrassed about it. I definitely look at others who have created great personal fitness businesses and I fall into comparison fears and I’m glad I can recognize that during this process.

The Day 29 background is at Le Nordik in Ottawa. I chose a stark winter scene to represent just sitting in the hot tub being relaxed enough to think about my fears that surround me (the cold snow & winter air).


On Day 30, we were asked to set up a new, healthy, miracle-minded financial blueprint even if we think we have no issues with money. In the evening journaling exercise we needed to start asking ourselves some questions about how we perceive money. For me the most powerful question was “Do I not believe I can make money doing what I love?” I started thinking about why my “personal brand” is my second career and not my first. Does it need to be first? Does second mean it’s less important? Can a second career be prosperous without affecting the first? I love that the book has allowed me to not judge my thoughts but just let them free flow.

The Day 30 background image is a picture of the Toronto downtown financial district. I thought I was being cheeky by using it since we’re talking finances this week!


On Day 31, we were asked to change our way of thinking. It makes sense. If I say “I’m in debt” then I will reinforce this lack. Choose is such a powerful word. Choosing to believe in abundance will be tough for your ego but it’s like fitness, you have to workout every day to see a change so telling yourself it’s a choice is something that you may need to work into your daily routine until it becomes second nature.

The Day 31 background image was taken in Melbourne, Australia as my cousins and I drove up to an animal sanctuary. There is beautiful wine country surrounding the city and the lush countryside is an image of abundance to me.


On Day 32 (gratitude day – which is my favourite), we focused on what we do have. I am grateful for parents who are wise with money, who taught me how to save, not spend extravagantly and taught me a great relationship with money. I’m grateful for jobs & careers that have created a life of comfort. I am grateful for a roof over my head, abundance to buy furniture that makes my condo a home, a TTC pass that gets me to work and back every day and the funds to pursue all that I want in the fitness & health world. For the food on the table that fuels me and supplements/vitamins that optimize my health.

The Day 32 background image was taken last November while I visited my west coast family in Kelowna. I used points from my travel VISA to fly out there. Technically, if I didn’t put purchases on my credit card and carry a debt I wouldn’t have been able to fly out to see them for “free”. I am grateful for what I have.


On Day 33 (forgiveness day) I looked back on my financial history. Although I witnessed on Day 29 financial fear I didn’t look into the past and into events that I need to forgive myself for. Some events and people popped into my brain and during the morning reflection I chose to wipe away anger & resentment toward how money has affected past relationships. Since I have a fear about debt and tend to avoid looking at my bills I realized I needed to forgive myself for a past relationship that was unhealthy financially. I identified someone I had let build debt on my credit card and chose forgiveness so I could choose willingly to stop blaming myself for letting that happen. I surrendered that hurt and chose to welcome God’s guidance in true forgiveness.

The Day 33 background image was taken in Melbourne Australia as well. As I stood near the Black Rock beach I was filled with feelings of forgiveness and hope for the future. 20140327-092623.jpg

On Day 34, I read Gabby’s words that when you let the Universe (God for me) take over you open up your energy field to receive the business growth you seek. I realize now writing this week’s recap that I kind of avoided the morning reflection & evening journaling homework when I first read this book. That was probably my ego saying oh you don’t need to do this. This is why I love my blog so I can revisit things I need in my life. I love the morning reflection prayer: Today I welcome infinite possibilities. With open arms I accept the support of the Universe (God). I know creative abundance is available to me now. I expect miracles. Going back to Day 30 I’m excited to really put my creative abundance muscles to work this year as I adapt and build my “personal brand” and “second career”.

The Day 34 background image was taken up north at a cottage this winter. Staring at the frozen lake was cathartic. I spent a lot of time that weekend writing and dreaming about my personal brand business so it only seemed appropriate.

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