Week 2: May Cause Miracles

I’m a bit late updating how week 2 went for me as I’m already on week 4 of reading May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein. I wanted to take the time to ponder my journey through week two properly hence why my post is late to be posted. Here is a recap of week 1 if you want to go back and start from the beginning of my miracle journey. And if you want to purchase the book on your Kobo (eReader, tablet or you can read with our free app) click here.

Week 2 was focused on creating new self-perceptions and self-love. The first day of the week or day 8 was about focusing on witnessing thoughts. This time it was time to look closely at how I see things in my life. I had to answer how I’ve been unkind to myself and if I’ve created a negative story about myself. I have definitely been hard on myself for how I acted in previous relationships. I have not forgiven myself for who I was back then. Even though I acknowledge that I’ve learned and grown from poor choices I’ve definitely had my ego mad at myself for ever putting myself in bad situations to begin with. I had to also admit how I’ve abused myself with thoughts or actions. This was tough because I would think about what I’ve done “wrong” and feel such guilt that it was definitely surfacing some very uncomfortable feelings and thoughts over the week. However, I allowed the thoughts to flow and just witness them instead of trying to analyze and solve them.

The image below is a sunrise captured in Turks & Caicos while I was on my honeymoon with my mother. This trip was a time to witness and see what I had just gone through by calling off my wedding with the support of my mother who is my rock. This time in my life was coming to terms with fears I had swept under the rug to just push through things that were not serving me well. I thought it was appropriate for the day’s mantra.


Day 9 was about willingly letting go of the created self doubt in our lives. I loved this day because it’s such a freeing feeling to announce that you’ll release self doubt and acknowledge that so many our self doubts are just fear projections that we have become accustomed to. I actually had to recite this affirmation out loud several times during the week and into week 3 as I struggled with fear thoughts surrounding relationships in my life that I’m currently developing.

The picture in the background is my Mexico retreat last March again. Surround by amazing women who support you is a perfect setting for letting go of self debut.


Day 10 was about igniting the perception of being love. This one was the perfect follow up after Day 9 and I would use this throughout the week to attack the negative thoughts and self judgement that would arise. I’m so proud of my happiness journey and self love journey so far to a point where loving myself is a concept that is easy to accept. The work I’m doing to love myself despite my past decisions is a struggle but I know I’ll work through it. If you truly love yourself you have to accept all of yourself.

The background image for today’s affirmation was on my canoe trip last July in Algonquin Park with my run club people. Surrounding by strong athletic good people is the perfect atmosphere to reflect on being love. They also accept me for my obsession with zombies so it’s the perfect love story! LOL


Day 11 mirrored the same 4th day of the first week which involved focusing on gratitude again which just warms the soul. I acknowledged at the end of 2012 that I really am grateful for who I am and everything I’ve gone through. I truly adore the lessons I’ve gone through and I am ever opening my mind to love thoughts over fear of the past repeating.

The background image of Day 11 was doing sunset yoga on St. Kitt’s beach in Vancouver the day before my first ever half marathon, SeaWheeze. I thought it was appropriate because I was so grateful for being surrounded by my friends, my soulmate sister Kyla and a ton of SeaWheezers grateful for being alive and our ability to run and do yoga in a gorgeous venue.


Day 12 brought it back full circle to forgiveness again which is a theme for the 5th day of the week and falls on Friday for me as I read through the book. It’s important when witnessing fear and self doubt to not beat yourself for coming back to thoughts. You can acknowledge fear but it’s frustrating when they keep resurfacing. Today was important to acknowledge that I’m human and these thoughts may continue to surface and I have to forgive myself for this and look for love.

The background image for this was from August when I was driving madly to Ottawa to be with my love Eva during a hard time. I think it’s appropriate because the drive down Hwy 7 into Ottawa is a healing place to get lost in your thoughts.


Day 13 wrapped up the affirmation lessons into one so we would be open to allowing miraculous shifts to happen based on our gratitude and self forgiveness. The day was simply created that whenever self judgement or self doubt arose we were to stop and drop the affirmation into our brain. The routine of reaching for love affirmations is a great practice.

The background image for this affirmation is on the beach near my Kelowna Baldwin’s family home. The peacefulness of the water and the majestic image of nature makes me stop and expect miracles in my life.


I don’t have all the answers yet but my heart and mind is open to learning all that I can about myself.

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