Things They Don’t Tell You About Your Wedding Day

Ok so this is obviously about our wedding day but here are the things that “went wrong” or wedding problems that no one really warned me about AND no one really noticed but me and Mike 🙂

Hopefully, if you’re planning a wedding you’ll know that something will “go wrong” but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. You get to marry your person and have a ton of fun with friends and family all in one place. 

  1. Don’t wear your hair down if it’s humid or rainy

If it rains early in the morning and it’s humid outside don’t wear your hair down. The curl will probably fall out no matter how much hairspray you use. I wasn’t a huge fan of my hair. I had pictured this image on Pinterest and then the real-life humidity killed my curls. My wedding planner even re-curled my hair at one point for pictures. I shouldn’t have done that, that was time I could’ve spent with friends and family. No one cared how my hair looked except me.

Morning Wedding Hair
Afternoon Wedding Hair

2. You cannot have all the photos you want!

I wanted so many more shots with my girls as we got ready but we had such limited time with our photographer before she had to leave to get to the venue and get detail shots of the decor. Although I had hair & makeup mapped out perfectly, hair took a bit longer than expected so we weren’t all ready until closer to the time that the photographer had to leave. We got great shots with champagne and then we said let’s leave other photos until the venue. However, by the time it was bridal party photos after the family shots we had a hard time rounding everyone up so we didn’t get a ton of shots. It just seemed very rushed trying to get every picture I wanted. The problems of an OCD bride 🙂 And we still got amazing shots I love I just had a long wish list!

Robyn & Her Girls

3. Someone may steal decorations.

We rented these gold geometric terrariums (pictured below) from Capital Florist to intersperse with the old bottles on our welcome table. I think my wedding planner put them elsewhere because I can’t see them in the detail shots of our welcome table but at the end of the night as we were loading our guests on the shuttle bus to take them from Evermore to Kanata and someone mentioned one of our guests had three in her arms. Mike got out of our limo and had to go get them for our wedding planner to pack up at the end of the night. This guest said that at most weddings you get to go home with the centerpieces and assumed she could take them! In the morning we realized that one was still missing when returning the decorations so we still don’t know who took it. I even sent out an email to all guests asking nicely for it to be returned. 

Wedding Decorations Terrariums

4. You will not have time to talk to everyone

It will feel like you’re trying to fit way too much conversation into a single moment with people. Especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. And your wedding planner is being paid to keep you on a timeline so they will rush you around and that’s ok! Shout outs to Lauren for keeping my dress clean for a bit! 

Trying to Talk to Everyone

5. Some people will leave at random times

You may not get to say hi to everyone because they may leave before you get a chance to see them. They may have other engagements, puppies at home, a babysitter with the kids, etc. Just be thankful they came for any amount of time to celebrate your day! 

6. If you have an open bar, there will always be that one guest or guests that have a little too much to drink. 

Be prepared and have someone in your wedding party or family help ensure they get water, sit down and home safely. 

7. You won’t get to eat the full meal you serve your guests

We had 1 bite of our beef before our photographer and videographer pulled us outside for couple shots because we were losing light fast. This time is usually called the golden hour and I was excited to get those shots but we had no sun at this point so we didn’t get the shots I had really wanted. You know that halo of glow behind your heads as you kiss!

You can see on Mike and I faces that we’re tired of taking photos (I won’t share any of those) and just wanted to be inside with our guests. My hair is also in a small knot cause it was so hot and sticking to my back. We still had fun (seen below) but yeah…

Evening Wedding Photos

Tip: Have your venue pack a doggie bag up for you. You paid for the meal you should be able to eat it later. 


8. A decoration rental may not work as expected

I rented this massive Love Marquis sign and as you can see the bottom of the E didn’t light up at night. We didn’t check it before we left the rental place because who would’ve thought to do that. Also, the rental company left it on the front porch of her house (not an actual business). We even had an electrician at our wedding who couldn’t fix it. It’s not a big deal but our vendor didn’t even offer us any sort of partial refund. 

At the end of the day it was epic for photos during the day for our guests and even fun pictures at night. I’m so happy I got these shots with my Toronto girls 🙂 

Robyn & Her Toronto Ladies
Love Marquis Sign

So as you can see nothing horrible happened. I don’t even mention the rain that happened all morning, causing our ceremony to be under the tent instead of in the garden because it was actually nice doing it out there. AND it didn’t rain at all by the time we arrived at the venue!

The “wedding problems” were so minuscule that when Mike and I woke up the next day we couldn’t actually believe how amazing the day had flowed, how much fun we and everybody had and just how epic the entire day was for us. 

Stay tuned next week for my Top 10 Favorite Memories!

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