My WBFF Worlds 2011 Experience

This was my 3rd WBFF Worlds. I guess you could say I’m a veteran at this point. What I loved about this show is that I combiined the drive I had in 2009 (first show fire) with my 2010 mindset (networking and meeting new competitors & photographers) with my 2011 goal setting and confidence. In January 2011, I decided I wanted to place top 10 in at least one WBFF show. I’ve also had a great year being published in Inside Fitness and Fit & Firm. Being named the Fitness Editor for the Broken Heel Diaries and landing an amazing sponsorship with Magnum Neutraceuticals.

This is the blog post that started my goal setting.

 After spending a ridiculously long evening standing in registration, I rushed home for some beauty sleep before the big day. Had the pleasure of Sara Scotford glamming my hair up in the morning and topped the early morning off by doing my own makeup before the show started. Hair and makeup was probably one of the funniest parts of my day. Seriously someone should have taped the convos going on between Andrea Smith, Julie Bonnett, Bree Lind, Karen Mullarkey, Caithleen Hefernan and moi. After 2 years of this I knew the bikini girls wouldn’t be going until well into the afternoon. Plopped my suitcase down in a changeroom and said hello to some familiar and not so familiar faces. Then I found the comfiest leather couch backstage, grabbed my book and put my feet up for the morning.

The following ladies made my experience perfect. I met up with Lauren Dempsey & Carrie Hensman (my new Magnum family members) and had a great time bonding. Carrie is my new superhero and I was singing her praises left, right and centre. Not only did she just pop out a baby but she is an amazing suit and costume designer as well. The lady however who I bonded with quite tightly was Ms. Rita Catolino. She is a class act. Super hot. Super down to earth. The kind of mom I can only dream of being one day. She gets me and if you walked past that couch backstage then we were plastered to it for the remainder of the day laughing and chatting.

When I wasn’t stuck to the couch I was rocking the stage, smiling and having the best time on stage. I love competing with the WBFF because your stage experience is always top class. Having already surpassed my top 10 goal when I placed 3rd in the Diva Bikini Model Tall Division at the WBFF Quebec show in April I had high expectations but realistic ones for this show. Going into the Worlds I know how competitive the category is so I was going to be ecstatic even getting top call outs at the Worlds. Morning Show… top call outs… 13 girls… woot woot… Evening Show… top 10. Score!!!

Thank you to the ladies backstage who smiled and just shone positivity. Thank you to Claire Rae for coaching me for this show. Thank you Andrea Smith for the pose fun backstage. Thank you to Lyzabeth Lopez for smiling up at us from the judges table. Thank you to Chady Dunmore my mentor, friend and motivator backstage. Noone can say “Get Excited” quite like you.  Thank you Magnum for believing in me to consider me one of your athletes. Thank you Arthur Arsenik for an amazing shoot pre-show (I can’t wait to see the images) and thank you many times over Paul & Allison Dillett for welcoming me into your organization. I’m proud to be a WBFF athlete.

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