Summer Bucket List: Wake Surfing Life Lessons

This is my second-year wake surfing. Last year at our Kobo cottage day my boss hired a boat & driver. This year he had his own boat but hired the same driver again. I love wake surfing so much. I’m clearly embracing my love of board sports with surfing, snowboarding and now wake surfing in my life. I struggled the first time to get up yesterday and then it was a go for every other ride. The trick is keeping your feet flat on the board, the board perpendicular to the water and both hands on the rope. It’s a balancing act for sure.

Wake Surfing

Once you get up it’s all about finding that sweet spot in the wake where the rope goes slack and you just surf the wake. Pro wake surfers can throw the rope into the boat and just spend time behind the boat. I like to hold onto the rope a bit longer so if I loose the sweet spot I can pull myself back into it versus starting from scratch.

Wake Surfing

And because I love associating fun things with life lessons here is how I associate wake surfing with life. It’s challenging to get up (from being down) but when you do you feel so accomplished. Sometimes we all need a lifeline that will pull us into that sweet spot of life where we just glide with ease. Sometimes we need to hold onto our lifeline for comfort and other times we can let go of the lifeline and trust ourselves to be ok 🙂

Happy Friday!

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