Hosting a Virtual Baby Shower

Since we moved across the country away from our friends and family and have scattered loved ones around the world, we thought we’d host a virtual baby shower to gather everyone together!

Virtual Baby Shower

We set up a laptop in our skoolie since we had the cables to connect it to the TV in there. We grabbed beverages for us, beer for Mike and Kombucha & La Croix for me! And loaded the pubs into the skoolie 2 Saturdays in a row.

We decided to host 2 showers, one for our friends and one for our families. This was to facilitate conversation and ensure there weren’t too many people trying to talk at once. I made invitations in Canva and we sent out an email to each set of invites about a month in advance so hopefully, everyone could find time in their schedules to hang out on zoom with us.

I had thought about playing 2 games. A baby mad lib game, which we ended up playing with our families and was quite cute. And I wanted to play guess that nursery rhyme but we spent so much chatting with everyone we didn’t end up playing it.

I thought I’d make it fun by suggesting everyone show up in an 80s outfit since Mike and I were born in the 80s. We had some fabulous outfits, wigs and blue eyeshadow makeup make its appearance.

Mike and I put together some fun outfits. Sequinned pants, a tie-dye shirt for Mike and pink leggings, and a red bodysuit with a side ponytail for me!

We sent out our registry to everyone in the hopes of getting help getting ready for the kids. We also asked our friends and families if they’d send us their favourite childhood book instead of a card so we amassed a beautiful library!

I cannot wait to read to our babes!

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