Vacation Fitness – To Workout Or Not To Workout

I just got back from a week long vacation with my boyfriend in Aruba. It was bliss, decadence in sun and sand and very much needed.

As  I am training for upcoming fitness competitions I didn’t want to completely slack off but I didn’t want to overtrain as my body really needed a break.

Morning Workouts Are My Secret. Not so big of a secret…

I would let myself wake up with the sun and put on running gear. I’m not a big runner so this was hard for me to get going in the muggy heat. But I ran the length of the boardwalk. Ps. It wasn’t that long. But worked up a nice sweat. I worked out 4 times other than running. Got legs, back, arms and shoulders in.

I’m sure this is probably universal for most resorts gyms due to the heat and humidity. I found that most of the weight equipment was rusted so seat backs couldn’t be adjusted. Thank goodness they were pretty much set for those with longer legs. If I had shorter limbs I’d be in trouble. All the free weights were rubber but I swear swollen from the heat and heavier then they should be. Which is technically a good thing. So glad I brought my gloves too because the bars on the dumbbells were so badly rusted I didn’t want to infect my hands.

At home I love morning workouts. They get you up and give you energy for the day. In Aruba I loved being able to shower after getting all sweaty in the heat and get on with my lazy day of working on my tan.

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