Using Essential Oils On Babies

We’ve been using essential oils around and on our babies since they were tiny, tiny human beings. Our twins are now almost two and using essential oils (especially at bedtime) has become routine for them.

I usually keep my phone away when we’re doing bath and bedtime but I had to try and capture this moment. Lately, the twins have been demanding that they apply 3 of the dōTERRA’s Kid Collection roller bottles themselves!

They even want to help add 2 drops of Serenity, Lavender, Calmer or Cedarwood to their diffuser or humidifier.

It’s moments like these where I know that consistency in routine really has an impact on them. And I love that they are growing up loving on the oils that we use to support their health.

And while the roller bottles that we use are already diluted with a carrier oil for safety, I must mention dilution rules when it comes to using essential oils on babies. I’ve included a list of dilution rules below that we adhere to when using the pure essential oils directly from a 5ml or 15ml bottle and we’re making a roller bottle to use like one I made previously this year for teething.

There are so many different ways to use essential oils with babies and thankfully dōTERRA has created some truly amazing products. I’ve put together a list of products that we use daily on our babes and created custom starter kits if you’d like to purchase them.

Custom dōTERRA Kits for Babies

So I’ve put together a starter kit for you if you don’t already have a dōTERRA account that you can buy to help you get started using oils with your babies safely. 

The kit includes: 

Baby Collection (Hair & Body Wash, Diaper Cream & Lotion), Calmer, Stronger and Tamer (Kid’s Collection), Frankincense & Lavender Touch, and Correct-X + Pebble Diffuser (FREE)

Wholesale: $179.50 USD | $190 USD (if you live in Canada)

How To Use These Kits

For bathtime, we use a pump of the Baby Hair & Body Wash as we run the bath to create some bubbles. 

Every night after bathtime, after we’ve put fresh diapers on with diaper cream we roll Tamer across their bellies for digest support, Calmer on the bottoms of their feet to help them relax and Stronger on the bottoms of their feet to support their immune system. When they were babies we did a small swipe, and now that they are a bit older we roll it more liberally. You can, of course, buy empty roller bottles and empty half the contents of the roller bottle into an empty bottle and top both with fractionated coconut oil (or another carrier oil) to dilute it further.

I will then roll either the Frankincense or the Lavender in the palm of my hand and add a dollop of the unscented moisturizer. I then apply this to their legs and arms and torso for a quick massage.

And last but not least, we use Correct-X if the babes are dealing with diaper rash. Which usually only happens when they are teething.


Use the contact form on the website to send me any questions you may have. Or pop into my Instagram DMs and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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