The Twin’s First Birthday!

It was the Twin’s first birthday on July 29! Holy cow where did this first year go!? We had a lovely first birthday party for Alora & Ryland last weekend with friends and family. We loved being able to host everyone in our backyard for a few hours in between morning and afternoon naps!

The Pineaults

I chose a “Wild One” theme for the party and ordered matching onesies for the babes, and t-shirts for Mike and me. I bought massive balloons that spelled out “Wild Ones”, themed plates, cutlery, napkins and cupcake toppers. So I definitely went all-in on the theme. I bought a vegan and non-vegan charcuterie board for snacks and then Grandma Pineault made dessert.

Wild One Cupcakes

Their Grandma (Mike’s mom) made the cake and cupcakes using the same recipe she used for our wedding. And the twin’s Nana (my mom) whipped up the non-dairy icing so it was a grandmother collaboration on the dessert.

The balloons didn’t really work out as the wind was whipping them all around so I probably would have done this differently. I ended up putting them online for free on Marketplace so if someone else was hosting a Wild One birthday they could use them.

Celebrating the twins birthday with a cake smash

As you can tell by the photos, Alora loves to eat and is our messy eater and Ryland is definitely more careful!

At a year old they are quite mobile walking everywhere (almost running in some cases). They still nap twice a day and sleep 12 hours at night (thank you sleep training!). They love to give high fives, blow kisses, kiss each other, play with all their toys and say mama and dada.

If you’re planning a first birthday with a Wild One theme, enjoy!

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