True North Rock Climbing

Another part of my Saturday adventures in fitness was learning how to boulder. We were going to go rock climbing but we missed the lesson which started every hour on the hour so we just paid an access fee to boulder and went at it. It was a little weird climbing without the rope and harness but freeing at the same time. I obviously started at white (easiest) and was able to do one yellow route which is the next level of difficulty up. The first picture below was at the start of one of my last climbs. And the bottom picture was proof I made it to the top. I was shaking extensively the whole time from muscle exhaustion. Because of course I had to do Alpha Genesis in the morning and hot yoga.


In a moment of pure muscle joy I took a look at the picture below after I jumped down and was so excited to see back & shoulder muscles?? What what!!! It’s kind of nice to see progress when you weren’t looking for it. I’m not stepping on stage anytime soon but it’s awesome to know I’ve developed an awesome body that can push me through obstacle course training, hot yoga and then climb walls! 20140208-212735.jpg

If you’re in the Toronto area and haven’t tried rock climbing or bouldering you must check out True North! What was nice about this place was everyone that was bouldering was really friendly and helpful to us newbies giving us suggestions and telling us where to start and a couple of tricks. It’s definitely addictive and I need to find time to go more!

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