Toronto Veggie Festival

I love attending the Toronto Vegetarian Festival. I think last year was my first time wandering around. I love the vendors and show deals I can get on food items.

I am not a vegetarian and love my meat but I love the healthy products I can find that are veggie & vegan friendly to keep my meals healthy and my gut happy.

Here is my haul this year:


Vegan Salad Dressing: I’ve never tried RawFoods salad dressing before but I fell in love the minute it hit my tongue. They were sampling their dressings on spoons and I wanted more right then and there. I bought the Glorious Greek & Sea-zar Serenity dressings. The ingredients are super easy and healthy; olive oil, apple cider vinegar, water, coconut sugar, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, nutritional yeast and other seasonings. Check out their website for the full line.

Coconut Milk: I bought a full fat and light coconut milk from Arayuma. I tried the full fat coconut milk in a chia pudding I made on Monday and it was delish. I cant wait to use the light milk in my coffee this week.

Kombucha: I’ve posted pictures on my Instagram of Rise Kombucha before. I discovered them when I was in Montreal for business at the beginning of this year. It’s one of my favourite brands of Kombucha tea. This brand is perfect for my stomach and digestion and doesn’t cause gas like some of the other more mainstream ones. I’m obsessed with the Ginger flavour.

Nut Bag or Nut Sack: Take your pick, either way you say it you’re going to giggle. I’ve been making my own almond milk since I bought my Vitamix this year with a cheesecloth to strain it. I have heard it’s easier to use and clean a nut bag so I’m glad I found one at the show.

Hemp Hearts: I just bought a massive bag of the Manitoba Harvest brand from Costco a couple of weeks ago. I sprinkled this sample pack on a stir fry of leftover kale and ground turkey from last week’s meal prep for my Sunday night dinner this past weekend.

If you’re in Toronto did you attend the festival? If you’re in another city do you have a Veggie Festival?

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