Top 7 Tips To Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

In June of this year I challenged all Broken Heel Diary readers to 30 days of taking over their health and fitness journeys with easy tips and tricks they could incorporate into their lives on a daily basis. Our theme was Sexy Back and what better way to get your sexy back than feeling healthier through fitness.  

Here are my top 7 choices out of the 30 that you should read to kickstart your New Years Resolution Goals this month. Why not get the head start before January 1st??

Tip 1 Drink More Water






Tip 2 Sweat Once A Day





Tip 3 Eat Healthy Snacks





Tip 4 Keep A Food Journal





Tip 5 Pack Gym Bag Night Before




Tip 6 Reduce Stress




Tip 7 YouTube Videos





Let me know what you incorporate into your life over the next few weeks!

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