Top Blogs of 2018

I must have really great SEO on this post as it’s one of my top blog posts of all time! I hope it’s served people well who were looking into or planning a canoe trip in Algonquin Park 🙂

Algonquin 3 Day Canoe Trip

This is another top post of all time on the blog. I really hope those who are hurting after calling off a wedding, find this and are helped.

I wrote this post when I first got started on my essential oil journey, and while I now purchase the foaming OnGuard hand soap from dōTERRA this was the perfect way to get started with a DIY option.

2 Podcast episodes made it to the top of the blog posts read of this year and Amber started it off in January with a great interview on The Alpha Female Podcast.

I wrote alot about every single detail of my healing journey after my MS diagnosis and fixing my digestive system was definitely a hot topic. I love talking about bodily functions and poop is no different.

I’ve got 2 posts about Essential Oil use for specific pain points and solving for painful periods is definitely a topic I love. I shared 3 essential oils that I absolutely love for your menstrual bleed. While I’ve learned more since the post and share that in my Peaceful Periods program this is a beautiful way to get started with essential oils and support our bodies hormonal system.

One of my very first blog posts ever! Still a top contender year after year. This tells me I definitely need to update this bad boy in 2019.

My second post about essential oil use and how I use oils as an MS warrior has always been a popular post over the years. I truly hope it has helped someone with MS use essential oils to support their body.

The second blog post show notes from The Alpha Female Podcast to make the top 10.

One Academy is the old home of where I trained in Toronto and has apparently great SEO because when you google search “One Academy” this blog post shows up on Page 2! You’re welcome One Academy. You’re welcome 🙂

Thanks for a great 2018 year of blog posts!

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