TIUX Compression Sock Product Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received the product at no cost.

When tiux asked me to review their compression socks I jumped at the chance! Their point of difference is that they sell premium compression socks without the traditional retail markups.

Frolicking In Sprinklers

When I asked how they differed from Pro Compression or 2XU (two other brands I wear) they sent me a comparison chart. They have three colour options; black, green & pink so I went for the bright green!

I looked pretty snazzy in them running the Toronto Spartan Sprint and they kept my calves/shins protected during the barbed wire crawls. I wear compression socks while running to support my ankles as I’m still dealing with an ankle injury from last fall. I like how tight they felt while running but not unbearable like other socks I’ve tried.

So why wear graduated compression socks at all?

Graduated compression socks have a higher compression at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the calf. Graduated compression will enhance circulation and increase the level of oxygenated blood to your legs, while pumping deoxygenated blood back to your heart. Stimulating blood flow helps athletes improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue and recover faster.


Rope Climb

Another great selling feature is the price! They are only $35 + tax = $39.55 USD (shipping FREE) compared to pro compression socks which I’ve bought online for $50 USD with a 40% off coupon code for $30 USD + $9 shipping which makes it the same. The coupon code isn’t always valid so tiux lets you purchase for a great price no matter when you want to buy.


Happy Shopping!

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