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I found Tiny Devotions about a year ago. Here is a video from their homepage that explains how the company began and what a mala bead is.

I love that they describe themselves the following way:

We’re Boho gypsies, yogi fashionistas who spread awareness about mala beads that inspire their wearers to live more peaceful intention based lives.

I like the explanation in the video that a mala bead is a reminder in your life. You totally can wear them to be fashionable or you can truly take the intention of the mala bead and hold it dear to your heart so that you manifest that intention in your life. With every mala purchase they send you their manifesto. I’ve actually saved it as wallpaper on my computer as a desktop background for daily inspiration.

Tiny Devotions Manifesto

I bought myself the Rose Quartz mala last year. When I read the description on the website of what this mala represents I was drawn to the sentence “this mala exudes nurturing vibrations promoting self love”. The mala is said to draw love and relationships toward you and who doesn’t want that. It helps draw off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes and receptivity to beauty of all kinds. I wear it puttering around the city, on dates, to the office and around my condo. I brought it with me to SeaWheeze and allowed my self love (a journey I’ve been on since August 20th, 2012) to wash over me as I did sunset yoga on Kitt’s beach the day before my first half marathon (see photo below).

Rose Quartz

My mala broke on November 7th. The rose quartz chipped and I was upset for one second. Then I tweeted Tiny Devotions and they replied almost immediately.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 9.47.21 AM

It makes complete sense. After over a year of healing and learning to love myself again I’m ready to move on to the next step in my journey. After reflecting last week on my goal to find my Inner Purpose to love myself again everything is falling into place. Thank you Tiny Devotions for helping me set an intention in my life and making me look fabulous along the way 🙂

Tiny Devotions Instagram

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