Healthy Habit Time Savers

I’m all about taking the time to integrate healthy habits into your life. But sometimes you just need that time saver to save your life and give you back some precious time that can be spent with your family or building a life that you love.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 things I do to save time while incorporating healthy habits in my life.

Click and Collect with Loblaws

The first time you set up your online shopping through Loblaws it takes a bit of time. But the amazing part about consistently shopping at Loblaws is that they save your preferences and past orders. I’ve only used the service twice but it saved my last online order and because I’m a PC Plus member it has all my in-store shopping saved as well. I’m ok with a big brother-like entity knowing what I eat on a weekly basis 🙂 I set up the grocery shop on Friday evening, and picked the morning time slot on Sunday. Drove to Loblaws after a morning workout, called the number on the sign, let them know I had cloth bags in my car and approved a switch from organic blackberries to regular ones and they charged my credit card on file, put the bags in my car and within 5 mins I was outta there. The delivery pick-up charge was $5 which is definitely worth my time.

So while Mike and I do enjoy grocery shopping together. Last week on Snapchat you would’ve seen that we made it a competition of who could finish their half of the shopping first. I took the produce and he took meat, sometimes we just need to save our time and spend that extra $5 for a pickup.

Real Plans

I’ve talked about my meal-prepping ways on the blog before. You can go here for an archive of some meal prep posts and then here for my write-up on this meal planning platform that I adore to plan out my weekly meals.

BBQ Chicken

I’m all for cooking from scratch. I believe it’s necessary so we know exactly what goes into our food from the sauces to the spices used. But sometimes the thought of cooking an entire chicken is exhausting in itself. I love that I can get the “Free From” brand of BBQ Chicken at Loblaws and can at least assure myself that the Chicken is free from antibiotics and hormones.

Pill Containers

I’ve figured out that the best way for me to stay compliant with taking supplements is to pack up my breakfast and lunch supplements and bring a pill container with me to work. I placed the container on the right in the picture below on my desk in plain sight so I’m visually cued to see them and take them throughout the day. The other box is my nighttime supplements that sit on my kitchen counter. This saves me time from routing around in countless containers daily.

Juice Companies

While I love making fresh juice each week from my cookbooks when in a pinch it really is so easy to pick up ready-made juices now in the grocery store. I love that one of my favourite brands Cedar Juice is readily available at my Loblaws.

Save some time on your quest to be healthy. It’s so worth it.

Affiliate Disclosure: The links to pill boxes on Amazon are affiliate links and I will be compensated slightly by sharing this amazing resource with you that will help you get healthy or stay healthy. 

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