#theface Race Pictures

This post was inspired by my friend Michelle who on Monday morning posted a pic from Sporting Life and asked if I she made me proud?

Boy was I ever. This is why?


I have been slowing been creating a picture phenomenon on social media. And yes I’m taking full credit for it! It started a few years ago. I think it was Warrior Dash 2013. I decided to take a selfie with two friends with my mouth open, smiling and excited.

The Face
The Face

And it’s been downhill ever since or shall we say uphill when it comes to obstacle course races 🙂 I can’t stop doing them. I love how much fun I have when I do. So I won’t stop doing what my friend Jaime Stein has hashtagged as #theface. It shows up at every race from OCRs to road races. I’m getting really good at spotting official photographers and then hamming it up.


Sometimes there are jazz hands thrown in


Or jazz hands and head tilts and an iPhone stuck in a sports bra


Or I just go way too overboard and the mouth open a tad too large (please note I don’t have weird-shaped boobs just a lot of gels shoved into my sports bra)


But I’d like to think it has inspired a race photo movement! It’s guaranteed to get you on the race official poster or used in their social media! Right JP & Michelle?


It’s making its appearance on the sidelines at cheer stations. Heather from Tribe Fitness & Petja looking extra excited for this race.


Emily pulls it off mid-run!


And last but not least one of the run crews in Toronto, that I’m a part of, took a picture in December after I was diagnosed with MS to cheer me up. I had happy tears seeing it!


Try it out sometime this summer at a race. I promise it will make your race that much more amazing!

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