The Woman Behind The Bikini

On November 14th, I competed in UFE’s National Championships in Hamilton, Ontario.

For this competition I wanted to really shine on stage. A deal break for shining on stage is what suit you choose to compliment your form. For my first competition I had a great fitted bikini but it wasn’t one of a kind. For my second and third competition my suits were alright but never wowed me. During my many hours online scanning countless galleries of competitions I really like the suit worn by Miryah Jade Scott who won the Pro Fitness Model category at the WBFF World’s in September. I figured out who the designer was and contacted Ms. Tanya Theberge herself for her help.


I went through her facebook group Tanya (Theberge Designs) bikinis, posing & custom suits and saw the cutest suits with the butt pucker that I wanted. I emailed her and through a series of professional emails she took care of me beyond measure.

Because she’s based out of Calgary and I’m in Toronto we had to rely on email communications. She has customer service down to a T. She emailed me pictures of the fabric she had in mind. Even sketched her idea for me and emailed it to me. She would always clarify if I hadn’t given her all the proper information.

She came through in a clinch. My suit arrived on the Thursday night. 2 days before the show. My wonderful mailman shoved the cutest box into my condo’s mailbox. I went to pull it out and it wouldn’t fit!!! My concierge watched me destroy one side of the box laughing while I saved the bikini, a note and her business cards before yanking the box out. If my mailman hasn’t noticed that one side of the mailbox was smaller than the other I would’ve had a great storage box for my suit 🙁


I gave her 2 measurements. Boob cup size and hip measurment and she went to town.

The best part of the experience was the three page inspirational note she handwrote for me. She made me blush, smile and I brought it with me to give me smiles at the contest. I shone on stage and she is one of the very important reasons why. Not only was I fully satisfied with my suit but she will be my go to designer for all future shows. I didn’t even realize that this woman is raising a 10 year old son and doing pre-med courses at school. She is pursuing her dreams in fashion, fitness and really helping others have a great experience. If you need a bikini for a contest or just to look hot on vacation I am beyond a doubt recommending Tanya. She can be contacted at


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