Book Review: The Holistic Guide to Twin Pregnancy


When I first started doing research on what to expect with twin pregnancy, everyone and everything said the same scary words over and over. High risk. Preterm labor. Automatic C-Section. Premature babies. Long NICU stays. Being holistically minded, I refused to accept these things as an expected part of my pregnancy. There had to be another way. There had to be a natural approach to twin pregnancy that did not end with me being cut open and my preterm babies whisked away to an incubator for an untold length of time. The Holistic Guide to Twin Pregnancy is an encouraging and positive look at twin pregnancy with an emphasis on a holistic approach to prenatal care. This book explores the science behind twin conception, nutritional information from several leading experts in the field of multiple pregnancies, and resources for birthing options for the expectant twin mother. Other chapters include support to promote wellness both physically and emotionally, as well as information from scientific backed journals regarding twin birth safety, and studies that support full-term gestation of multiples and natural delivery. It is a culmination of all the information I myself needed and sought out after finding out I was pregnant with twins. The twin birth rate is at an all-time high, as is the desire for a return to holistic and natural ways of approaching pregnancy and birth. This book is specifically written for women and their partners who are pregnant with twins and have a desire to take a more natural approach to their pregnancies. It is not often that a twin pregnancy, often inherently deemed high risk, intersects seamlessly with a holistic lifestyle; however, with the right tools and information, I believe it can be done.

What I Thought: I’ve been on a reading binge since finding out we were pregnant. And after discovering that I was/am carrying twins I needed to do extra research for this pregnancy.

There are amazing tips on eating for three, discussing cesarian vs. vaginal birth and expectations, and the power of positivity. The author even shared her story of the birth of twins which is crazy amazing and even covers life after the twins are born.

I would recommend this book above the other pregnancy books I’ve read so far for twin mamas to be. It was well worth the read!

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