The Essential Planner – 2024 Weekly Planner

The Essential Planner
The Essential Planning Method

The Essential Planner: 2024 Weekly Planner!

This 12-month, custom planner is the perfect way to help you go after your goals in a way that’s aligned with how you want to feel as you move through life. This planner features annual, monthly and weekly pages with space for daily appointments and to do lists. This planner focuses on The Essential Goal-Setting method and walks you through how to decide on your Core Desired Feelings for the year, a life category audit which helps you focus on which areas of life need the most attention. Following the methods in the Essential Planner you’ll implement a process that truly works and helps you take action towards your goals. 

  • Softcover + frosted poly overlay
  • Gold spiral binding
  • 274-pages, dated 12-month planner
  • Monthly spreads
  • Weekly spreads for each month
  • Weekly and monthly reflection spreads
  • Annual calendar view
  • The essential annual goal-setting method
  • Annual astrology overview (ie. new & full moons)
  • Weekly brain dump pages
  • Daily diffuser blend suggestions
  • Daily health checklist: exercise, meditation, supplements, and self-care
  • Weighs approx. 1 lb 12 oz
  • Pages measure 8 x 9.5 in

Let our beautiful 12-month planner be the accessory that empowers you to stay focused and follow your ambitions every single year. Each morning when you come back to remind yourself of why you do what you do, use these pages to plan your next steps for the life you want.


Annual Planning
How To Use This Planner
Monthly Spread
Weekly Spread
Weekly Reflection