The Essential Goal-Setting Method

Are you ready to learn the essential goal-setting method?

I have been goal-setting publicly on this blog since 2011! Can you believe it? I’ve tried so many different goal-setting methods but I’ve really perfected my goal-setting method and I can’t wait to share it with you.

The essential annual goal-setting method is a mish-mash of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map, Chalene Johnson’s Push and a decade of my own (Robyn Pineault) planning experience.

And I’ve finally taken the plunge to create my own planner that you can use this goal-setting method with! See I was a fan for years of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map planner but then she stopped producing them and broke my heart. So I’m reviving and revamping the format and making it my own and creating the pages just like I’d like to have them. And I’m hoping you’ll love it as well. It’ll be available for sale next month so get on the waitlist to find out when it launches.

The 8-Step Essential Goal-Setting Method

Let me walk you through how I annually set goals…

Step 1: Choose Your Core Desired Feelings

How do you want to feel as you move through the year?

How do you want to feel as you achieve or go after different goals?

Take some time to write down all your desired feelings for next year and then pick 3 – 4 which will be your Core Desired Feelings. And if you need some help here is a Pinterest Library for you to scroll through.

If you’re having trouble deciding upon them, pause, go to Step 2 and then come back to this section.

Step 2: Life Category Audit

While I’m a fan of perpetual motion, sometimes we have to glance back in the rearview mirror. In this step, you’ll take a look back at the last year and do a life category audit. Take a look at everything from relationships to health to career and more and rank them from 1 (not going so well) to 10 (I’ve got this figured out).

Step 3: Lowest Category Score Core Desired Feeling

Take a look at which life categories didn’t score well.

How do you wish you felt in that area of your life?

If you struggled to narrow your CDFs down to 3 – 4, go back to that section and decide how you’d like to feel to improve those lowest-scoring areas of your life.

Step 4: Goals/Intentions In Alignment With Your Core Desired Feelings

Your next step is to map out what goals/intentions are in alignment with your CDFs.

Step 5: Annual Goals By Life Category

Now it’s time to map out annual goals for each of your life categories. Starting with the categories where you scored the lowest.

Step 6: Goals By Calendar Months

From there, map out time-based annual goals for specific months.

Step 7: Schedule Non-Time-Based Goals

Then you’ll map out non-time-based annual goals in and around those that have to happen at specific times so you give yourself enough time to achieve them. Remember to schedule your lowest-scored category goals first. When you focus on optimizing your life other goals just seem to fall into place more easily.

Step 8: 3 Monthy Goals, 3 Weekly Goals, 3 Daily Goals

You can either do this at the beginning of the year or at the start of a new month. I recommend writing down your goals for the month on the monthly spread calendar page. Then on the weekly spread pages, I love to write down 3 weekly goals and then reverse engineering those goals to have at least 3 daily goals to work towards your weekly goals.

At the end of the month, I love reflecting on what went well, recognizing the good in the month and the achievements and then recharging energy for the next month.

And then rinse and repeat the monthly process throughout the year.

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