Summer Bucket List: Stand Up Paddle Boarding with SUP Girlz

After seeing some amazing pictures of the night stand-up paddle boarding with SUP Girlz I knew I had to add it to my summer bucket list.  In order to register for their Night SUP class, you have to take their first-time class or board review class to ensure they are giving you the proper instruction.

I roped my friend John into joining me (it’s not just for girlz!) so we signed up for the first time SUP class as it was his first time on a board. We had tried to go last weekend and kept getting rained out so we were hoping to be able to make it out on the long weekend. We signed up for the Friday first-time class and the Night SUP and the winds halted our plans. We finally decided to just get a first-time class out of the way on Sunday and we’ll join a night class later in the month!

SUP Girlz

Janna the owner of SUP Girlz started us out on dry land to talk about paddle technique, lake rules & all about the boards.


Then we headed out to Lake Ontario to get our water legs going. The class was a perfect size with four people. Janna could give lots of tips and keep track of all of us.

First Time Class

After paddling around for a bit, ensuring we could do front & back turns and shaking the board with our feet so we could get used to balancing and water on our feet we even tried out some yoga poses. I did a few downward & upward dogs and even attempted crow!


We got free time after class so John and I paddled around the rock outcropping a couple of times. John was quite fearless trying balance poses on the board so he ended up cooling off in the lake a few times 🙂 But I think I’m rubbing off on him a bit as he paddles behind me to photo bomb the selfie 🙂


We had an amazing hour out on the water with SUP Girlz and can’t wait to come back for a night class! Check out the first-time class if you’re new to SUP. If you just want to get started with SUP Girlz here is a link to where to book classes.

John & I

Up next: NIGHT SUP!

Night SUP

Source: SUP Girlz Facebook Page

Happy SUPing!

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