Sunday Meal Prep

Food prep Sunday night was exciting. I prepped my menu planning board on Saturday night and hit up the grocery store Sunday night after spending the day relaxing at Body Blitz.

First step was to place 4 chicken breasts in my crock pot with organic chicken broth & Mrs. Dash Montreal chicken spice. I cook them overnight on low.


I cooked boiled lentils in a separate pot, shredded sweet potato and then chopped up some sweet onion. Throw it in a frying pan and boom.


Turkey muffins: Ground turkey, shredded zucchini, handful of quick oats, chopped up carrots, chopped up celery, cumin, basil, chili and cayenne powder. Oven set at 425F for 45 mins.


I cooked up flank steak, prepped green beans and snap peas to go with and cooked up shrimp with chili, cayenne & paprika.


Last but not least kale salad with hemp seeds, grape tomatoes, falafels with olive oil & apple cider vinegar as dressing. I also always prep 5 baggies with my smoothie ingredients; spinach, cucumber, apple, beet & pear. I just add coconut water and ground flax seed in the morning and blend in the vitamix.

20140309-211733.jpgHere’s to an amazing week!

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