Book Review: Summer Escapes

I had the pleasure of being invited by my lovely friend Shannon Kelly to the Harper Collins Canada Summer Escapes launch party on Tuesday night.


We made our pretty little way to Hotel Ocho on Spadina just north of Queen. The venue space upstairs was just gorgeous. Lots of seating and the lamps over the stairs were gorgeous. Shannon and I caught up on life events and chatted dating in Toronto. Always such a hot topic of conversation. Now that I’m off the market I can laugh about the fiasco that was my dating life these past few months! Oh the stories!

Hotel Ocho

I had checked out the website prior to the event and downloaded the reading sampler to my Kobo! I’m adding all 5 books to my 50 book challenge for the year. I even made a new bookshelf to visually keep track of my reading. You can even enter a Contiki Holiday trip. Just click on the Giveaways tab on the website to enter! But don’t really because I want to win!


We had the pleasure of meeting and getting signed copies of Kim Izzo‘s new book My Life in Black and White. We got the chance to ask her how long it took her to write the book (1 year) and her favourite writing place (her couch with her dogs at her feet). We discussed the vomit draft (as she calls it) and then going to edit the book in a nice home office. I loved her vibe and started hungrily reading the book on the subway home. Please note I felt like I was cheating on my Kobo by reading a paper book again.


Love that she thought I was a true femme fatale! Yay for signed books! Even though you should just get your Kobo signed by all your favourite authors! 😉 (had to throw that in there)

What’s on your summer reading list?

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