Summer Bucket List: Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wakefield, QC

Another weekend, another summer bucket list item checked off. Stand up paddleboarding in Wakefield, QC was so lovely! I absolutely love stand up paddleboarding (SUP) so when I find a newish friend, Karen Yaworsky (we’ve known each other for over a year now) that has her own board, I suggest a SUP date on a weekend she’s in town. She’s usually off van camping with her husband.

Do you remember our vanlife summer bucket list adventure from last summer? That was with her van.

So stand up paddleboarding has been in our calendar for a few weeks now and I’ve always wanted to go see the Wakefield Covered Bridge from the water so that was the plan.


We started out the day at Cafe Molo (down at the bottom of the map) for breakfast and coffee and then drove and parked near the cafe pot-au-feu on the map below. I love Cafe Molo because we can sit on the patio and look out on the water and I can get a gluten-free breakfast sandwich 🙂

We blew up our SUP boards (we both have inflatables). Applied sunscreen and off we went. We had a bit of fun watching me inflate, try to put on the air stopper and then having to re-inflate it. I just seem to struggle with taking off the pump nozzle and putting on the stopper. So much air gets loose and then I have to start pumping again. It’s a bit comical really.

We paddled over to the Covered Bridge, had some fun paddling through the current and pulled up on the side of the water to relax. While catching up and chatting about life and business we sat in the water for a bit to cool down and then paddled around some more.

SUPing Suntanning

Karen did some SUP yoga and I as the official photographer with a wet bag for my camera took all the shots.

SUP Headstands

This is definitely a must-do if you’re in Ottawa. It’s such a fun way to spend the morning or afternoon being active and relaxing. If you have your own board it’s super easy but there are also rental places in Wakefield if you want to try stand up paddleboarding for the first time as well.

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