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This was post was inspired by obviously this time of the year. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while then you know how I drink the New Year Resolution/Goal Setting kool-aid. Along with figuring out how to set goals based on core desired feelings I’ve also come to realize over the past few years that to get new goals or achievements there are things that sometimes we need to stop doing to move towards a new life or new goals. So here are four things I won’t be doing in 2018 and four things I’ll be making an effort to do consistently in 2018.

Things I won’t be doing in 2018:

Helping People That Don’t Want To Be Helped

Oh, this is a juicy one to truly understand. I have a mission in life to help people proactively take care of themselves so that they may never have to face a diagnosis of an auto-immune condition. But guess what most people don’t want to be helped until they have a pain point they want to solve. So I need to stop trying to proactively push health down someone’s throat and really truly show up for those that are problem-solving and are seeking my advice. I’m going to keep living my life through proactive health care and I do hope my example sparks a change for others before a life-changing diagnosis.

Saying Yes To Things I Don’t Want To Do

I am a people pleaser through and through and I say yes to a million and one things (ok maybe it’s not a million but it can sure feel like it) I don’t want to. From creating a FB group for hikers in Ottawa that don’t actively get involved in it to podcast guests that want to come on the show that I’m not sure I’ll jive with. So if it’s a hell no in 2018. I’m just going to say no and I’m going to be polite but I’m not going to explain myself because that leads to exhaustion and overthinking. I’m also going to be ok with saying no to something I once said yes to because at least I dipped the toes in the water and tried.

Making Time for Energy Vampires

I like to hold space for people as they are processing and working into their potential. I always see the best in people even when they aren’t showing me theirs. So in 2018, I am only making time for people that leave me uplifted vs. drained. This is a hard one to live because I don’t want to make snap judgments but I do know I need to make room for those that truly lift me up.

Dwelling On People That Are Not Good For Me

If I encounter someone in real life or online that I’m not their cup of tea. I spend way too much time trying to figure out why they don’t like me vs. just moving on and leaving that question unanswered. Although I’ve gotten much better at protecting my space from negative comments or conversations I haven’t gotten better at telling my brain to stop thinking about these things.

Here are things I’m saying yes to in 2018:

Putting Focused Energy On People That Make My Heart Smile

I rated friendships really low this year when I took a look at my life categories and it continues to be the lack of having a tribe here in Ottawa. I had met a few people here and there but haven’t really jived with anyone like my Toronto OCR crew. One thing that I need to stop doing is comparing everyone to them. But one thing I”m going to start doing is just keep doing the things that I’m passionate about. I’ll keep talking about them publicly online and when and if people can hang out I will be so ever-present. Since making this promise to myself, Mike and I have met 2 amazing couples. Erin reached out to me through this blog and we go to the same gym and have the same trail running & hiking passions. Mike met a couple through the gym and we’ve already got plans to go winter camping with them so I’m really excited about where to spend my energy with people in the New Year. One of the original girls, I started the FB hiking group with is adventurous so her and her SO are coming ice climbing with us in Feb. When I truly look and nurture relationships the right energy people will show up!

Completing New Bucket List Items

I’m really good lately at putting one or two new things on my bucket lists and then ensuring I have repeat performers that I love. But then I get comfortable in scheduling out the things I love to do and the new things don’t get attempted. I had put ice climbing on my winter bucket list for several years and I just gave up planning it when I couldn’t find a local outfit that rented equipment and guided you. I finally found an experience in Tremblant so I locked Mike down for a long weekend, booked a chalet and the tour and we’ll hopefully fit in some slope time as well! I also have Kite Boarding on the summer bucket list which again hasn’t gotten planned as it requires specific location and finding someone who will teach me. This summer I’ll plan this first and then map every other activity out so that it gets done.

Moving My Body Daily – Gym, Running or Yoga

My word for 2018 is consistency. While I’m active and go to the gym, have been able to take up running again post healing injuries and spend time on my mat it’s without consistency and that’s really started bothering me. I thrive in routine. So for me, getting back to a consistent movement and fitness practice is really important for my health, for feeling vital and for gaining back some lost energy.

Spending Quality Time Obedience Training The Pups Daily

We hired an absolutely amazing trainer in the early months of 2017. We spent over 8 weeks working with her and learning techniques and getting homework to work with our dogs on. While we were consistent during the training months we’ve fallen behind and we’ve been having problems lately with door etiquette, meeting strangers and bolting out the front door and enjoying minutes of freedom before Mike or I can track them down. So I promised my pups on NYE that I would spend 10 – 15 mins a day working on one task so that neither of us get overwhelmed with how much work big dogs can be.

What did this post inspire you to stop or start doing?

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  1. Absolutely love this. I’ve made a list of dos and don’ts for this year too. I can’t wait for 2018 and seeing what it has in store.

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