Sport Chek Face Off

I had the pleasure of attending SportChek’s Face Off Tennis Canada event this past Friday. I’ve attended pro tennis events before, having been spoiled with Rogers Cup tickets, but this was far better and way more entertaining.

I thought we’d be watching a women’s tennis match and then the men’s but was nicely surprised with a celebrity face off to start the evening off. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a professional sporting event.

The celebrity’s showing off their Tennis skills were Adrian Grenier, Brad Smith (From the Bachelor Canada), George Stromboulopoulos and Mark Cohon (CFL Commissioner). Brad is the biggest goof ball, George had the best 80s tennis outfit, the ladies swooned over Adrian and Mark had an amazing volley that rivalled a professional players.

I had the pleasure of sitting beside Nancy from

And finally after watching a great women’s match, the men got started and Andy Roddick was able to show his amazing personality. The MC would announce “Now Serving…” and Andy would have to imitate whichever tennis player was announced. The highlight was definitely an ode to Serena and some towels down the pants. But give a gal credit that woman’s body is impressive!!

But my highlight of the night wouldn’t be complete without a little Gangnam Style fun and amazing dancing. Click the link below to watch the video!

Gangnam Style


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