Winter Bucket List: Skating & Puzzles

The Winter Bucket List adventures continue!

This past weekend I knocked off skating & making a puzzle all in one weekend! I had a friend in town from Ottawa so we headed over to the Evergreen Brickworks early Saturday morning to avoid any crowds that might show up. The weather was perfect it was around zero degrees celsius and sunny! The skating rink is enclosed by walls but has an open roof so it’s a perfect place to take the kids and avoid any wind.

Brickworks Skating

We grabbed brunch at Cafe Belong. They boast about serving sustainable, locally sourced dishes. I had the coconut yogurt with quinoa granola, fresh fruit and honey. Although it was delicious there was hardly any granola and mostly just yogurt. I ended up with a horrible stomach ache all afternoon but can’t pinpoint from what… The dish was so pretty though and worthy of a taken from above Instagram shot!

Cafe Belong Granola

After brunch we walked around the Brickworks at bit and perused the artisan & food trucks. I grabbed dairy & gluten free tarts from Molly B’s Gluten Free Kitchen which were so delicious no picture was taken during their consumption.

Molly B's

I love walking around the Brickworks it always fascinates me to see history in present day. In 1904, The Don Valley Pressed Brick Works Company produced a wide variety of bricks and kiln-fired clay products that built many landmarks in Toronto and beyond, including Massey Hall and Casa Loma, Montreal’s Acadia Apartments and the T. Eaton Buildings in Winnipeg and Moncton. I love that they still have the old kiln’s available for again more Instagram worthy photos 🙂

Evergreen Brickworks

Sunday I wanted to get a good winter hike in. We headed out to Silver Creek Conservation Area near Halton Hills, Ontario. Just an hour drive from Toronto.

Bruce Trail

We did an hour hike on the Bruce Trail and two trail loops off the main trail. It was probably around -10 degrees celsius. Although I dressed for a winter run I should’ve added one more layer for a hiking conditions vs. running.

Silver Creek Conservation Area

And last but not a least a puzzle was purchased at Mastermind Toys. I laid it out on my glass coffee table and we’ll see how long it actually takes me to complete. I love that I’m getting back to my childhood roots, utilizing my brain in a different way and this should provide hours of entertainment when I actually take a break from work and training to relax.


How’s your winter going?

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