Simplifying Life in 2019

Last year, I wrote about starts and stops for 2018. I love re-reading my blog posts to see where my head was at, at this time last year. 

This year, I’m feeling called to simplify my life and make space. So here is what I’m doing to create space in my life.

Podcast Sabbatical

I was getting annoyed with what might appear to be little things so I knew it was time to take a step back. I was getting emails from Podcast Interview Booking companies who sent me mass emails where it was evident they hadn’t done any research on my podcast or if the guest would be appropriate (ie. sending me male guest suggestions). I had several guests coming on the show who had done no research on the show; they didn’t read the definition of an Alpha Female that I’d send over to everyone (it’s also posted on the Podcast page) or they’d use the words work/life balance vs. harmony after I let them know that the show is all about work/life harmony as we know balance doesn’t exist. So I’m taking a pause. I published 150 episodes over the course of 3 years. I know I’ll be back but I need time and space to feel inspired by it again. I want to think about the types of conversations I’d like to have vs. just churning out weekly interviews.

Purposeful Networking

This year I attended almost all 12 networking events for the local Ottawa chapter of the Rising Tide Society. While I met amazing entrepreneurs and side hustlers in Ottawa and grew some beautiful relationships I also started feeling like I wasn’t learning or getting any business advice applicable to my side hustles from the group. I always felt like I was giving out a ton of business advice so I’m going to start searching for a new networking group where I can feel like I’m the dumbest person in the room. I want to absorb some new knowledge. Since one of my 10 year dreams is to become a public speaker I’m thinking about attending a local Toastmasters group in Ottawa.

Clean Out The Closet & Pantry

It’s that time of year when I clean out the closet and donate clothes I haven’t worn in a year. I may actually take a few items to a consignment shop. I’ve just never taken the time to do this before.

I also need to clean out our pantry as it’s getting a tad out of control and I know there are items in there I should learn to use up before purchasing new things.

Cycle Syncing

I’ve become absolutely fascinated with cycle syncing, menstrual cycle awareness and all things PERIOD. I think honouring exercise, nutrition and work based on my cycle phases will open up the space I need to honouring masculine and feminine energy in my life.

I’ve invested in Alisa Vitti’s Flo 28 Membership program to learn more about how I can support my body fully during each phase. I’ve listened to Wild Power on audible and I’m diving into all the podcast episodes with different experts that I can get my hands on to educate myself more.

I’ve also started researching seed cycling based on a conversation with my acupuncturist so I’m really enjoy the research and implementing slight changes.

How are you called to simplify your life this year?

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