Drive to Start a Side Hustle

“Everyone wants to have one but so many people don’t want to do the work to actually have one” – Mike (Robyn’s Fiancé)



When chatting with my fiancé about my Side Hustle blog series around confidence and time management he pointed out that it also requires having the “drive” to have one. If you want to catch up on the series here are links for Part 1 & 2.

Part 1: Confidence

Part 2: Time Management

Ok so moving onto drive… let’s look at the definition…

Do you have an urge to attain a goal?

It usually shows up as a little nudge. A thought in your head, a gut feeling or an idea that you can’t shake. Sometimes our brain will question it? Why would you start that blog, there are already 5 million blogs out there and just the other day I heard someone say blogging is dead. But I really love writing… ok maybe I’ll just post really long FB posts to satisfy my need to be creative.

Have you had this conversation with yourself?

Check. Ok.

Ok so then what does it take to fulfill that urge?






Time Management

I’ve given you the tools to develop Confidence and Time Management but you are going to need to dig deep to find your motivation, inspiration, gumption and then take inspired action to get er done.

Motivation & Inspiration come from your why.

Why do you want to start a blog/podcast? Why do you want to diversify your income with a part-time hustle? Why do you want to start a hand letting calligraphy business in your spare time and sell wooden boards to other brides? You start with your why and go from there.

My motivation for starting the Alpha Female Podcast came when I consistently got asked over and over again for tips and tricks on how to take care of myself. I would post things on the blog but I had an urge to use my voice and the spoken word. After being interviewed on The Tough Girl Podcast I got inspired to start my own. At the same time, there was a hate thread online about how I’ve chosen to take care of my MS holistically and one troll said “What Give Her The Right To Call Herself an Alpha Female!?” It made me think. What does give me the right? I am who I am. I tackle this world head on and I’m unapologetic about how I do it. There are others like me out there. So you know what. Let me make the term Alpha Female not just about me but feature other amazing Alphas and how they take care of themselves. Boom Inspiration. Then comes Inspired Action to take the steps to start.

People buy into your why. Why would they read your blog? Why would they listen to your podcast? It has to be so anchored in your why that it’s easy to share why they would “buy” into your side hustle!

I believe there are 2 kinds of whys. Your personal why and your business why. And you’re allowed to have both.

I started my doTERRA business with 2 whys. I get to share the gift of proactive health with others in a completely seamless way to how I was sharing on my blog & podcast before I started selling essential oils. My second reason was to replicate the income cut I took from moving from Toronto to Ottawa so our family wasn’t stressed about finances. Both drive me and both made me successful. You are allowed to have different reasons why you start a side hustle and every single reason is valid. There is so much focus in this world on the altruistic reasons that we are made to feel bad about wanting to earn money. I’ve been really diving into money blocks and mindset lately and am fascinated with the subject. There are so many ways that we train our brain to believe making money is a bad thing. I’ve for sure got lots of money blocks but what I’ve really truly come to realize is the more abundance I have in my life, the less stressed I am and the more good I can do in this world. And that makes me really freaking excited!

Listen to my episode on the Luscious Hustle Podcast where I announce why I want to make a “crap” ton of money!

So what’s driving you?

Write it down on a post it note and put it somewhere you can see it as you start that dang side hustle you’ve always wanted.

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