Develop Confidence to Start a Side Hustle

There are usually 3 things that hold someone back from starting a side hustle. I initially thought it was 2 but when chatting with my fiancé he brought up a third that I hadn’t even considered because I innately already had it and didn’t give it much thought.

Time to actually focus on the tasks that need to get done (we’ll save that for another blog), the confidence to leap and just do the damn thing and drive to just get er done (I’ll focus on that in 2 weeks!).

If you’ve scrolled endlessly through Instagram watching online coach after health coach or network marketer or artist or business coach or blogger or podcaster doing their thing and you’ve thought maybe I could do that too? This post is for you.

So you’ve had a glimpse of an idea start to take form but then you’ve stopped yourself because these questions usually follow:

  • What if nobody likes the thing I start?
  • What if I’m ridiculed?
  • What if I have to deal with online trolls?
  • What if no one reads/listens/pays attention to the content I produce?
  • What if no one will buy my product?
  • What if I lose friends?
  • What if I get fired from my full-time job?

I posted a poll on my Facebook yesterday asking people…

If you currently DO NOT have a side hustle what is the ONE thing holding you back from starting one?

A) Time To Focus On It

B) Confidence To Just Leap

I thought for sure I’d get 100% Time but there were a few votes for confidence. So I figured I’d start chatting with you about confidence today. But now I have content for 2 more blogs around time management and drive! 🙂

If you work full-time, do these questions sound familiar?

  • What if my employer fires me for starting something on the side?
  • What if my boss thinks I’m going to start doing side hustle action during my full-time hours and I get fired?
  • What if they think I want to become an entrepreneur and fire me before my side hustle even starts making me any money?

See a theme here around job security?

All valid thoughts and concerns. So how do you move past them?

Side hustling by definition means doing something on the side of your full-time job so I’m really going to dive deep into how to develop confidence as a corporate employee to diversify how you earn income.

First of all, I hope you know that having diversified income does not make you a poor employee.

Time management and how you make and manage your priorities will. So let’s get you that confidence to just start and then next week I can go over time management and prioritizing skills!

If you have had this nagging thought in your head for a while now about starting a blog, starting a podcast, saying yes to that amazing dōTERRA Wellness Advocate (ie. me) and starting an essential oil education business or creating something with your hands and selling it on Etsy just go do the darn thing already!

Stop questioning it, or analyzing all the steps, just friggen start. I’ll use simplified ways to start a side hustle the way that I did with my blog on, my Podcast – The Alpha Female Podcast and my network marketing biz w/ doTERRA.

How to Start a Blog

  1. Buy a domain name.
  2. Purchase Squarespace or a WordPress Theme, pay for a Hosting Platform and get the theme loaded.
  3. Create a content calendar of how many times a week you’d like to write? Once, twice, three times, more?
  4. Plan out 1 month of content.
  5. Spend 1 hour this week writing 3 blog posts.

How to Start a Podcast

  1. Decide on the format. Interview, solo episodes?
  2. Decide on the theme. What is your podcast going to be about?
  3. Name it.
  4. Create cover art.
  5. Purchase media hosting subscription (I use Libsyn).
  6. Figure out how you’re going to record. Record an episode and then take a free podcasting course on how to launch one 🙂

How to Start a dōTERRA Business

  1. Enroll as a wholesale customer and get your starter kit of oils.
  2. Use oils for one month and start educating yourself around them.
  3. Read the Build & Launch Guide made by dōTERRA.
  4. Ask to be added to my Business Leaders group so you can access the resources and trainings I’ve created for my team!
  5. Learn the simple steps to running the business, start sharing, presenting and enrolling

Ok so I’ve really simplified the steps to starting the 3 side hustles I had but when you think about it, it’s actually that easy. You start with an idea, start breaking down all the things you need to do and next week I’ll share how I schedule tasks and prioritize.

Ok so now that you can see how easily it can be to start a side hustle let’s address what’s holding you back from just leaping and pressing go?

When I look at the definition of confidence…

and I look at the bottom two bullet points, it has everything to do with you and nothing to do with anyone else. See most of the questions that we had above all had to do with what others think about us?

Confidence can be built. I truly believe that you can build it just like you build a muscle.

Here are 3 confidence building exercises using the examples of my 3 side hustles:

  1. Blog – Write a post on Medium and share it with your community to see how writing feels.
  2. Download Anchor and try out the broadcasting platform for the spoken word.
  3. Talk to your mom about how this essential oil has really helped you with “Insert Problem Here” and get used to speaking to someone else about them.

Read a good ol Confidence Book:

My favorites:

I could keep going but then you’d still be reading this blog post instead of going out and starting the thing you want to start.

*Slaps your ass* [Insert Motivational Slogan Here]

See you next week, same day, the same blog but next time we’ll chat about time management skills for side hustling!

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