Sharing is Not Always Caring

On May 15, 2009 I read Shannae’s blog post on her website on “Career Tip: Sharing too much information”. At this time I was just getting into the thick of training for my fitness competitions in the fall. When I first read the post, I had also just started a new position at an advertising agency and was thinking about how much to share about my personal life with direct reports or senior staff.

I’m a pretty open person. I like chatting with others and creating bonds. I like knowing about what people have going on. I don’t want to work in a bubble. But I’ve discovered that you really do need to be careful of what you share. Especially if you are being judged by your looks, age and years of experience in a position.

“Be the best friend you can be to your employees, but don’t think for a minute that they’re your best friends” is from the novel Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office.


Over the past year I’ve learned the hard way to reveal bits and pieces of my personal life but the big things and the little things that are of no consequence to bonding w/ a coworker are better left to your close friends and significant others.

In terms of sharing about my fitness life, I’m proud that I’m pursuing this passion and have had a lot of fun competing this year. I’m open about it with my coworkers. You kind of have to be when you can’t walk the day after training legs or when you eat every 2 hours. Because I have pictures online I cannot hide the fact that I strut my stuff in a bikini and stripper heels. My clients, coworkers are well aware of the attire. It’s been quite the conversation starter at business lunches. I’m glad I’ve shared this part of my life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. My work still speaks for itself and my business savvy has not diminished due to a pair of clear heels in my closet for stage time. I will continue to prove myself in the boardroom and in the gym. I can accomplish both things and not have one overshadow the other. I like my cake and I’ll eat it too (on cheat days).


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