Self-Reliance Challenge: Backyard Gardening

In my quest to become more self-reliant, I wanted to learn to grow our own food through backyard gardening. I was very ambitious last year and unfortunately due to poor garden placement (under a very large tree), not getting enough sun and pests I was not successful in growing much. However, it wasn’t a total bust, I managed to grow some very round cucumbers, a couple of zucchini, a couple of peas, a few potatoes and very very tiny carrots.

Why Last Year’s Garden Wasn’t Successful

I am so grateful and thankful to my husband for building me beautiful raised bed gardens with cages to keep our dogs, squirrels and rabbits out. We purchased plastic chicken wire and unfortunately, the rodents chewed through.

What We’re Doing Different This Year

So this year, my amazing husband moved the beds over to the sunniest part of the yard, I hauled the dirt over and I planted what seedlings managed to survive the spring. This year I started a little later than last year and planted seeds in April.

Many of the seeds never sprouted. In addition, when we brought the seedlings outside in a greenhouse to harden off we forgot to weigh it down. One day it got knocked over in some wind and I lost a bunch of plants that didn’t take to being re-potted. So we ended up getting seedlings from Ottawa Farm Fresh this year. The 4 larger zucchini plants below were from the Farm. As well as the larger cucumber plants and the herbs.

I have 3 raised bed gardens that I grow herbs on our back patio so they are easy to clip for cooking with! I can’t wait to take picture updates as the garden thrives this year!

Alora has her gardening gloves on and a trowel so she’s ready to help me plant the seedlings!

Happy Backyard Gardening!

Want to follow along and see how it’s going!? I have a more in-depth update over on my substack.

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