Second Trimester Recap

What to Expect and my Pregnancy Calendar app let me know that second trimester included weeks 14 to 26. We hit week 14 on February 7th, which was the same day we got the key’s to our new house!

Because Mike wasn’t moving out to Port Alberni until early March he came out to Vancouver Island to visit for the Family Day long weekend. We booked a room at Blackrock Oceanfront Resort and did a pregnancy announcement photoshoot! Before we headed out to Ucluelet though I brought Mike around to our different office locations and introduced him as he would also be working for the Coulson Group when he arrived later in March. We actually had the opportunity to tell my boss that we were pregnant together which was pretty special.

I only had to manage another month on my own before Mike arrived with the pups on March 13 which was the start of week 19 for us. I was barely showing at week 15 and then the belly really started growing around 20 / 21 weeks. By week 26 you could have mistaken me for a full-term singleton pregnancy.

Week 15 vs. 26

Most of the symptoms from the first trimester went away except for insomnia and heartburn. And insomnia all but disappeared later into the second trimester. Once Mike arrived I started sleeping well again, which was such a relief. So that just left me with lots of heartburn to contend with. Thankfully it usually just bothers me in the evening so I don’t have to worry about it during the workday.

The Twins First Flight

The babes got their first chance at air travel during the second semester! I flew to Sacramento at the beginning of March for the North American Aerial Firefighting Show and I got to go up in my first helicopter ride for an air to air photo shoot. I had a few concerns about the noise in the helicopter as we were going to be flying with the door off (so the photographer could snag amazing shots such as the one below). However, I was assured that one of our C-130 pilots has flown that aircraft through 2 pregnancies and it was even louder than a helicopter. I had the chance to speak with her and her firstborn son’s hearing tested fine upon birth which made me feel so much better.


Mike, the pups, and the bus arrived on March 13th and we went into COVID physical distancing practices starting the following week. I started working from home as of Monday, March 16. This was a blessing in disguise. As my body started to grow I slowly started growing out of all of my clothes. Bras started hurting so I would pretty much spend the day braless unless I had a zoom call. Even comfy pants that fit were unconformable so my uniform of choice became flowy Bali pants.

Renting Maternity Clothes

Before COVID hit I had started a monthly rental box with the Sprout Collection allowing me to rent maternity pieces perfect for the office. We returned back to work as of May 11 so I was able to quickly start up my monthly rental box again. I had also purchased 2 pairs of maternity jeans after trying one out in a previous month’s rental box. So those and my Lululemon Align tights have been the only pair of pants I can wear out in public.

I’ve tried to wear a few of my own dresses but they just weren’t built for a twin pregnancy belly so thankfully the Sprout dresses are stretchy. I’m wearing a size medium in most of the dresses and everything is fitting and accentuating the curves quite nicely!

I think one of the hardest parts about being pregnant during these pandemic times is having to go to appointments alone. Mike is so excited to become a dad and so present in being there for everything that it’s been a bit disheartening to go to ultrasounds or midwife appointments alone.

Gender Reveal

And last but not least, the most fun was had week 24 of our second trimester when we finally were able to learn of the babies’ sexes for our virtual gender reveal! We are so excited to be having a boy and a girl!

Gender Reveal

Two trimesters down! One to go!

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