Creating Seasonal Bucket Lists with BuckitLife

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by BuckitLife. 

As August comes to an end I love to look at my Summer Bucket List to see how I’ve done and what can I still pack into the warm summer days that we’re still experiencing?

Here is a recap of what I wanted to get done this year.

2016 Summer Bucket List

I was able to plant a veggie garden, go SUPing, complete the Spartan Beast, SeaWheeze and the MS Bike but I have yet to tackle the other items. I won’t make excuses about life being busy or new goals popping up but I’m a bit sad panda face about my lack of adventures this summer.

Along comes the company: BuckitLife. They are company that helps you find, organize and complete your Bucket List dreams. They reached out to me and asked if they could help add a little more adventure to my summer.

I checked out their website and found that you can easily explore local adventures near you on a map, choose between chill & adventure type plans and allocate a price point you’d be willing to spend to find something that fits your style.

BuckitLife Explore

Last year my friends and I tackled bungee jumping at Great Canadian Bungee after a Spartan race. We saw the Zipline adventure at the same location but didn’t have a chance to tackle this adventure. On BuckitLife you have two options. You can look at adventure options & pricing and book directly through their site or you can Add it to you online Bucket List for later. I immediately jumped at the chance to try this ride out.


The website is definitely a great tool to tackle my seasonal bucket list goals and find local adventures or guides or vendors that can help me accomplish fun, firsts and smiles.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my experience on the Zipline…

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