Running Towards Fear

Fears are stories we tell ourselves

The fears we don’t face become our limits – Robin Sharma

Face Everything And Rise

What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do – Ralph Waldo Emerson

So after 1 year and 7 months, I left my job at BDO Canada to take a mat leave contract with Corel Corporation. So why would I leave the security of a full-time salary for a 12-month contract?

Because it scared and excited me.

But why would a new job offer scare me?

When an email landed in my inbox one day letting me know that they were looking for a Marketing Manager to fill a position on the Corel eCommerce team I was excited and scared all at once. I had a great position at BDO Canada managing the East Group Marketing (Half of Ontario & Atlantic Canada). I had a full-time salary, vacation, benefits and I had made great friends in the Ottawa office. But I wasn’t learning and I wasn’t challenged. I will only talk positively about the company and the office I was in but it wasn’t a long-term home for me. So I was scared about leaving a level of job security but I was excited to be back in the tech space and working with a great eCommerce team.

Fearing job security should never be a reason why you stay in a position that isn’t right for you.

It is far more important for me in my career to be learning, to never pigeon hole myself and to truly feel like I’m making an impact in a corporate space. I also value being in the tech industry, working around and with smart people that can push and challenge me in a positive way.

I was also really excited that the company looked at my resume and what I bring to the table because of my side hustles as a blogger, podcaster and network marketer. When a company values the passions of their employees it’s a beautiful thing.

It is only day 2 of my new gig and I have so much to learn; from meeting the team I’ll be working with, to learning all the lingo and acronyms, and getting back up to pace with tech industry speed. I really thrived at Kobo and missed those days dearly after moving to Ottawa, so I can’t wait to throw myself into this opportunity and open up the brain to learning and having an impact in a short amount of time. After all, a year can be incredibly short!

What are you scared to do that you’re being called to do?

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