How I Got Into Running…(Sorta Kinda)

I am by no means a runner. I get these spurts of energy and then they go away. So sometimes I get it in my head to set goals for myself that involve running.

In 2009 I trained and ran my very first 5k. I simply used I ran around my neighborhood and did it.

In 2001 I decided to run my first 10k. I joined a Lululemon run club at my local store and ran a 5k with them every Wednesday. I’d try for longer runs on the weekend but only ever built up to about a 7 or 8k. So I ran the 10k on the day of the race really for the first time truly.

This year I’ve gone a step further and decided to run my very first Adventure Race the Warrior Dash. It does involve a full 5k so I’ve gotta keep my running legs tuned up. My first run of the season was this past Tuesday with my friend Krysten. Please note that I have no idea how to dress for cold weather running. I grabbed my cold Under Armour top that I’d bought previously for my foray into Ultimate Frisbee, my new New Balance running t-shirt that I got at my last shoot for Best Health and a random pair of leggings that truth be told were really too thin for the cold weather we’re having. So priority number one is to head off and buy proper running tights! I also had nothing on my ears so thankfully my girl Krysten lent me a toque.

Our run outside went amazing. I was tremendously sore from a hamstring workout on Monday but got an amazing runner high and wasn’t cold!

What I need to do to succeed this year.

1. Get better running shoes

2. Get run tights

3. Invest in a heart rate monitor

4. Get excited for my Warrior Dash goal!

Here’s to happy training for our Warrior Dash!

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