Disclaimer: Ritual placed a credit into my app so I could do this detox on their dime. 

After hiking in Lake Placid last weekend I was really grateful when Ritual App reached out to me to work with them on highlighting eating healthy on the app. Since we drove back to Toronto on Sunday I wasn’t able to grocery shop or food prep on Sunday night.

Ritual App calls themselves your concierge for the best restaurants and coffee shops in your neighbourhood. I work in Liberty Village and have been using the app since they launched. I use them daily to order an almond milk latte from Balzac’s (and sometimes a gluten free blondie – ok most times – they do have a record of my orders and could call me out on this!) I also use them to order healthy food at Live Market or Oats & Ivy when I run out of food for the week so I was familiar with healthy places to eat and how the app works already. You input your credit card into the app. Choose the place you’d like to eat at, order your food, place your order and the app actually tells you when you need to leave so that you can walk right into the restaurant pick up your food and eat where you’d like. For me this is amazing for productivity because I’m not sitting and waiting at the restaurant for my food killing precious time.

I used 4 different restaurants for the past three days to fuel me and help me get my nutrition and digestion back on track after the weekend away.

Here is the menu I put together & the places that fed me amazingly over the past three days

Day 1

Breakfast: Butterscotch Bliss Smoothie – 6IX The Raw Juice Company

Mid Morning Snack: Acai Bowl – 6IX

Day 1 Breakfast & Snack

Lunch: Mushroom Soup, Seaweed Salad & Kimchi – Koja

Day 1 Lunch

Afternoon Snack: Turmeric Shot – 6IX (seen in the first picture) & Green Kick Juice (pictured below) – Live Market

Afternoon Snack Day 1

Dinner: Alkaline Salad (in the box above) – Live Market

Day 2

Breakfast: Chocolate Sunshine Smoothie – 6IX

Breakfast Day 2

Mid Morning Snack: Green River Juice – Oats & Ivy & Ginger & Turmeric Shots – 6IX

Mid Morning Snack Day 2

Lunch: Organic Chicken, Rice & Kale Soup – Oats & Ivy

Lunch Day 2

Afternoon Snack: Chocolate Chip Mint Mania Bowl – 6IX

Afternoon Snack Day 2

Dinner: Custom Salad (Kale, Cucumber, Coconut Bacon, Griled Tempeh, Carrot, Purple Cabbage with Balsamic Vinaigrette) – 6IX

Dinner Day 2

Day 3

Breakfast: Blue Skies Smoothie with Cacao Nibs – Oats & Ivy (I absolutely love how Oats & Ivy always writes my name on the bag – nice touch guys!)

Day 3 Breakfast

Mid Morning Snack: Ginger Rogers Shot (I drank it too fast to take a pic!) & Avocado Salad Rolls – Oats & Ivy

Day 3 Morning Snack

Lunch: Burdock Burrito – Live Market (I ate it without taking a picture – I was clearly hungry lol)

Afternoon Snack: Red Juice & Cheesy Kale Chips – Live Market

Day 3 Afternoon Snack

Dinner: Alkaline Salad – Live Market (no picture too hungry!)

So what did I learn?

  1. I miss meat. I cannot wait to have venison & duck & fish & bacon & eggs again.
  2. I feel on track digestion wise. Even though I wasn’t cooking for myself, all the work I’ve been doing to fix my digestion was supported by what I chose to eat on my detox.
  3. I don’t like the word detox but I do believe in the power of resetting our systems every now and again!
  4. I love using the app, when you walk into the restaurant and they call you by name and say “Robyn your Ritual is ready” – that’s pretty cool!

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