Rip Ride Bucket List Experience

Another summer, another seasonal summer bucket list, another adrenaline junkie experience, another day of smiling.

This past Sunday I got to experience Rip Ride at Great Canadian Bungee through the company BuckitLife which I featured yesterday on the blog.

I showed up around 2:30 pm on Sunday for my first ride of the day at 3 pm. They are located only 30 mins away from downtown Ottawa up autoroute 5. You park in the quarry parking lot and head on over to a small shack to register and sign a waiver.

Rip Ride

You quickly fill out the waiver on the tablets in the hut and then you’re good to go. They hand you a harness and you haul it up the hill to the start.


You can see the large bungee crane over to the left and the ripride hut is a small spec over on the right. It’s hard to see in the picture below but the zipline rips right over the quarry. You land on a floating dock and then can do it all over again!

Great Canadian Bungee

They thankfully let me bring my phone up top for filming. 1 view from the hut & another view from the ride. So thankful I didn’t drop my phone! 


Will you add this to your summer bucket list? You still have time to add some adventure to this year!

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