Revamp Your Morning Routine

 I just finished running a 30-day Challenge in my Essential Oil Community Facebook Group and it was amazing! Those who joined the Revamp Your Morning Routing Challenge were simply asked to try 1 new routine/habit a day.
The goal was to simply get up and get the body moving and try a whole bunch of habits so by the end of the month, those participating could take the tools and start creating a holistic morning routine that serves them well. I didn’t want to be prescriptive and tell people exactly what they should do but this way it gave them something to try and they can keep habits that serve them and discard the ones that don’t resonate with them.
I figured I would share the laundry list of challenges here so you can incorporate any into your routine. Many have to do with setting yourself up for success the night before or getting better sleep. Because if you get better, quality sleep your morning routine will be on fire!

30 Day List of Challenges

    1. Go to Bed 30 mins Earlier Than You Normally Do
    2. Set Up Coffee (or Tea) for Next Morning
    3. Drink 1 Glass of Warm Lemon Water (I use 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil or 1/2 fresh lemo) or Warm Water or Room Temp Water When You Wake Up
    4. Dry Brush Before Showering – This is the one I use: GranNaturals Natural Bristle Dry Skin and Body Wooden Brush – 12.5 Inches – Improve Blood Circulation, Exfoliate Skin, Reduce Cellulite
    5. 10 Mins At Home Workout or Workout as Normal
    6. Listen to New Podcast
    7. Make Breakfast Fresh and Sit Down to Eat
    8. Plug in Your Phone across the Room
    9. Pack Gym Bag Night Before or Lay Out Clothes for at Home Workout
    10. Don’t Pick Up Phone All Morning
    11. Drink One Glass of Water Before Getting Out of Bed or After Peeing
    12. Oil Pulling (I use a drop of OnGuard or Peppermint in the Coconut Oil)
    13. Set an Intention for the Day (Write it Down)
    14. Make Your Bed
    15. Brain Dump Night Before Bed – Pick One Thing to Tackle Next Morning
    16. 5 Min Meditation (I use the Insight Timer)
    17. Don’t Check Social Media until a Certain Time
    18. Wash Face & Moisturizer with 1 drop of  Frankincense, Myrrh or Geranium Essential Oil in Your Facial Moisturizer
    19. Try a Yoga Sequence
    20. Listen to New Audiobook (Try 30 days for Free on Audible – Go to
    21. Write Down a Morning Affirmation
    22. Download Flux for Computer or Turn on Night Shift for iPhones
    23. Pack Meals for Next Day Before Bed – Slide into Meal Bag in the morning
    24. Diffuse Wild Orange Essential Oil while getting ready
    25. Fill Out a 5 Min Journal
    26. Put Balance Essential Oil Blend on Your Feet Before Heading Out the Door
    27. Listen to a Podcast While Doing Hair/Makeup
    28. Kiss Your SO, puppy, children or yourself in the mirror before leaving the house
    29. Organize Clothes for Work the Night Before
    30. No Screens for 1 Hour Before Bed

What are some of your favorite morning routine habits that didn’t make it onto the list?

Next up, I think I’m going to run an Evening Routine Challenge in a few months. Would you want to join? If so jump on my email list and I’ll notify you when we start!

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